Saturday, August 13, 2016

Travelling Postcards.

This beautiful postcard is being sent to Russia to a fellow postcrosser who wants to be surprised with whatever postcard that we want to send. All she asked was that it be a postcard that we, ourselves, would like to receive...and for me, any postcard that shows the tranquility that this beach displays would be a postcard that I would like to get myself. She didn't give any suggestions as to what to write to her, so I just wrote her about my love of the ocean and how I love the waters. :)

I am not lying when I say that this postcard is a pictures of a typical day here in Kailua. I love it. I am also sending this postcard to Russia. It is the second postcard that I am sending this person, because I am just hoping that the first postcard that I sent him was lost in transit or something. I am kind of sad, though, because this person was the very first person that was chosen for me to send a postcard to, and the first postcard was just marked "expired" meaning to say that it is now over 60 days since I sent the original postcard. Hopefully this postcard makes it to him this time!