Monday, August 1, 2016


Today is over. Yes! Today is over and I survived the first "First Day" of school. One more to go...tomorrow. But for now I will relax in the fact that I made it through the first day.

When I got home, I noticed that I had a package waiting for me on my doorstep. It is from my cousin from California! I quickly snapped a picture of it...

and sent her a picture of the box to let her know that I received her package (of course the picture I sent her did NOT have the hearts and shells covering the address! :)) And when then I flipped the package over and opened it from the bottom since I didn't want to ruin the front part of the box. :)

It was filled with carefully wrapped tissue paper...and when I opened each one up, oh my goodness! I my heart will filled with happiness and nostalgic feelings of how much I miss my family back in California! I know I didn't take a picture of everything one by one, or we would be here for DAYS...but here is everything that was in it:

It was choke filled with makeup and jewelry and a postcard. And I love every single piece of all of it! I then called her up and I didn't even know what to say because I was so full of happiness and thankfulness that I was actually speechless! And this is the cousin that I like to say that we are the same where we talk a lot and we talk super fast to each other. Like speed talking, no joke! And so we ended up talking for more than an hour and I am so thankful that she is in my life and that she thinks of me. I miss her and I hope that she knows how much this package meant to me.

It really is hard being away from family, comfort zone. I love it here in Hawai'i, but I hate that I'm so far away from family. And I love my family. :)