Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sending 'em off!

I just got finish preparing two more postcards to send off to two of my fellow postcrossers. One will be going to Poland and the other will be on it's way to Finland.

This vintage postcard will be on it's way to Tuuli, a 14 year old girl from Finland. She didn't really have any request of what kind of postcards that she would like to receive, so I decided on this fun vintage postcard. She wanted to know other people around the world, what their hobbies, pets, favorite food and/or favorite place was. So I told her her a little bit about me. I hope she likes it!

This other vintage postcard will be going to a couple in Poland actually! The fellow postcrosser that I received the address of had a special request. Her brother and friend will be getting married. So she wanted all the postcards that she would have received to go to this couple with words of newlywed advice, something about marriage, or something about wedding traditions in "your" country. I think that is a fun idea...and a wonderful surprise to both the bride and groom. She said that the bride is also a postcrosser.

After choosing a postcard that I hope the couple will like (she mentioned that she liked vintage postcards of the ocean), I decided to go on pinterst to find some fun quotes to send to the couple. This is the two quotes that I chose:

"Real Love is the real life that starts after the bouquet is's the caring and sharing that comes when life gets busy, bills need to be paid, and errands need to be run. It's laughing and teasing and working things out. It's learning and knowing what your partner needs--even without asking. It's the little jokes that only you two understand."

"Love is knowing someone's weakness and not taking advantage of them. Knowing their flaws and accepting who they are."

And then I added a personalized message of congratulations. I think that this is a very cute and fun idea from the soon-to-be sis-in-law.

I hope both parties like the postcards that I chose for them! :)