Saturday, August 20, 2016

Painting and Yema.

Today was an early start for me. My landlady wanted to repaint my outside porch and since I like to paint (when my brother-in-law lets me!), it's therapeutic to me!, I offered my help and so since I wanted it to dry faster, I decided to start early this morning. I didn't take all that long...but I had to make sure that I was staying in for the rest of the day since I won't be able to walk on my porch with the wet paint!

I first painted going down the stairs...that took less than 10 minutes...but I did wait an hour or so to paint a second coat.

I had to move all my stuff down to the end of my porch and we're going to paint that section down there at a later date. This area literally took less that 25 was quick. But like I mentioned earlier...a hour later I did paint a quick second coat since it started sprinkling rain when I was nearly 2/3 done!

I left the space directly in front of my door free, so that I can still go outside for just a little bit! *laughs* My landlady said that she would paint it when I am at work and so it won't bother me much. :) Not that it would have...but that's okay. :)

Since I was stuck in the house for the rest of the day, I had to find things to entertain myself...and I decided that I would make yema! I remember when I use to eat yema all the time when I was in the Philippines; it was one of my most favorite treat to have and Jyn and Joy taught me how to make it myself!

I know that there are several ways to make it...and since I didn't have any egg in the house, I decided to make it without eggs this time.

I melted the butter first...and it smelled like buttery goodness! :)

Then when the butter was all melted I poured the sweetened condense milk in...I had extra that I was saving the fridge that I also added...couldn't hurt, no?! If anything, more yema! Then I mixed the shit out of the thing F  O   R   E   V   E   R! I seemed like forever...! For nearly 30 minutes I had to stand there and mix, mix, mix, stir, stir, stir...over and over and over again and again and get my point. I had forgotten how forever that can seem. You don't want the milk to get burned, so you have to constantly be moving that mix, stir, mix, stir for a L   O     N     G time.

When it was the right consistency, I dumped the blob of yumminess on a plate to cool. The smell brought back SO MUCH wonderful memories of me making this stuff in the Philippines with my two good friends Jyn and Joy. I can't think of yema without thinking of those two. I miss them so much...and we had such good times together. I miss them. 

As "the blob" was cooling down, I prepared a bowl of plain sugar and one with cinnamon and sugar.

And there is the finished product. Yes, they were absolutely as delicious as I remembered...yema balls. I rolled half in the sugar and the other have in the cinnamon/sugar...and which taste better?! Both...they both tasted yummy!