Friday, August 12, 2016

Open House.

Although I tell myself right before (pre)school starts for the new school year,  I just have to survive the first month before things start to settle down with a more consistent routine and the keiki are more used to the fact that they are in school, the first month is always so exhausting. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Week two down.

The first week was exhausting because first weeks always are. The second week was exhausting because I am still in the process of trying to get to know the new keiki, trying to help them with the transition that school is a sure thing, trying to work out the kinks...and also trying to make sure everything is perfect for open house.

We had our open house (for parents only) yesterday, and although it went real well, I am so tired.

The introduction cover for my open house welcome packet.
What I believe is the most important handout in my welcome packet.
I am very proud of my classroom--the layout, the management, the way that it is organized--but whenever I feel like someone is going to come into my classroom and judge and criticize it, I start to get all anxious and wonder if it is "good enough." Thus, the nervous wreck in work myself into leading up to open house. I have never had a "bad experience" with anyone saying that my classroom was not to their liking, but I think the reason why I get myself so worked up is because this is my passion. I put my everything in what I do, and it just hurts just thinking that maybe, maybe, a parent might walk into my room and tell me that they don't want their child in my room for whatever reason. Teachers, I can take...I have a reason why for everything in my classroom, and we can agree to disagree...but parents, that's something different for me because I want to make sure that everything is "good enough" for their most prized possessions. I know that if they don't like it, they can always choose to go somewhere else...but I would hope that they like...

...and like I said earlier...everything went great for open house. I have students that are enrolled but aren't starting until later (they are in the process of moving here still, or they are not yet 2 years old) and their parents still came and I was happy that they did. I had a really good turn out this year, and I liked how nearly all my parents where there, because I want them to be comfortable with me and what and how I interact with their children. And I am so blessed and happy to say that I have a great bunch of parents this year. :)

(I sent home these All-About Me Robots on the first day of school and asked the parents to do them with their children at home and bring them back so that I can display them for open house. Not everyone did one, but the majority did...and it was a fun way to get to know the children. :) I did one to so that the parents can read about me to! :))

...see! I worry about nothing when it comes to open house...and even though I tell myself that every year...I'm keeping it real. Teachers get nervous too. :)

When I got home, late, I saw that I receive a postcard in the mail and a book from a friend that was left in my porch shelf! :) 

I have the most awesomest friends! :) My friend had stopped by my house to drop this book off that she found at a bookstore. She know how much I love paper airplanes and so when she saw this book, she decided to get it for me. When I called her up to thank her, she told me that she had forgotten that it was my open house tonight, so she just left the book by my door so that I can smile when I get home. I have such thoughtful friends...and I can't wait to try out some of the airplanes! :)

I got a postcard from Netherland...Amsterdam to be exact...and I absolutely love how it's a postcard filled with pictures of the beautiful place where its from. I especially love the castles, flowers, and blue sky pictures! When I went to the postcrosser's profile, it was blank and it didn't really say much about the person on the postcard either, but that's okay...I am still very thankful for the thoughtful and picture-filled postcard!

"I'd rather have a passport filled with stamps than a house filled with stuff."