Friday, August 5, 2016

I made it!

I made it! It is the end of the week and I am still alive and I still love my preschool job! :) I have to say that it was a hard week to get through: emotionally, physically, mentally. But I am still here and I survived the first week of school. This next week now I have to concentrate on getting Open House ready...oh my. I can't wait until this first month is over (school-wise).

As I was changing out the water in my pineapples on my windowsill in my classroom, I was surprised to fine a pineapple flower in one of the pineapple!

I have to admit that I was in denial at first because I know that it takes a while for the pineapple to grow it's fruit...but no, there it is! I am soo happy and my keiki loved seeing it!

When I got home I was in for another surprise! I got another postcard!

This time it is a postcard from Germany! This postcard took 9 days to get to me from a small town in Germany North Rhine Westphalia.

I know that I say this nearly every time that I get a postcard, but I really do love receiving all these postcards from around the world! It's so exciting and I love how friendly everyone is! :)