Monday, August 15, 2016

fernweh (n): farsickness

I might have a slight obsession with postcards now. :) They are just so much fun and the postcards here in Hawai'i are so pretty! :) I may or may not have been able to hold myself back when I had to stop by the grocery store to pick up something for my DollGirl's party yesterday and I passed by the postcard stand. But look at them...they are so pretty. And I didn't have anymore of the Lanikai ones...and I like those ones. :)

Plus, it was good that I picked up this batch of postcards, because in it was the perfect one for the next addressed that popped up on my screen for the next postcrosser to receive a postcard from me. :)

This gentleman is from Germany and he is a German engineer in automotive business for BMW. He said that he was interested in all kinds of postcards, especially ones that had "lighthouses, water towers...trains, planes, ships, machines, historic pictures, bridges and buildings." When I read that part of his profile, I knew that he would also enjoy a picture of our Aloha's a water tower, right? I mentioned to him in the postcard that this was the exact place that I went to when I went whale watching. This was the place where we all met up and marked the place where our cruise ship was going to leave the I hope that he likes is!

I also got two more postcards when I got home! I really am enjoying getting all these postcards!


This cute badger postcard is from Veronica in Belarus. It took 31 days to get to me. I'm glad that I did get a postcard from here so that I can see how long it would take to get to me. I had sent one to Belarus about 30 days ago, and I was getting worried that it was getting to the postcrosser...but now that I got this one, I see that it takes a little bit I'll just wait a little bit longer until I direct message the postcrosser to see if she had received it already. But this is a cute postcard...with an adorable stamp!


This awesome postcard with a lot of stamps on a postbox is from Sylvia from The Netherlands! She lives in the highest point of their country in Vaalserverg..and I did look up pictures of the place...and wow! That is some pretty gorgeous views! So many GREEN, GREEN rolling hills. Beautiful. Gorgeous. 

fernweh (n): farsickness: an urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust