Friday, August 19, 2016


There are times where I feel like I am on the verge of suffering from "island fever" and I just want to get off the island...but I can't. But whenever I start feeling like that, I just go out and explore this beautiful island that I live on. I have almost lived here for 6 years, and there are things that I have not yet done because...I live here. Since today was a holiday (Statehood day for Hawai'i)...I decided that I wanted to go to two museums that I have always wanted to go to...but just never really did.

It just so happened that my landlady is a docent at the Honolulu Museum of Art and she had mention a while back that if ever I wanted to go, she could always walk me around to the different places. I asked two of my friends to come along and that made 4 of us total, and we were all excited to go on our adventure.

Honolulu Museum of Art is like 3 museums put together. The Spalding House, the actual Museum of Art and the Shangri La. Today we went to the Spalding House and the Museum of Art. (And yes, I am already planning to go on the Shangri La tour!)

We first went to the Spalding house where we were able to see the exhibit Plastic Fantastic.

It was a pretty cool exhibit posing the question, is plastic "fantastic" or not? We can use plastic for a lot of things...but then it is also something that is harmful for the environment. But without plastic we wouldn't have the medium to produce such beautiful art...but also in excess and used irresponsibly it is more harm. This exhibit used plastic that was "garbage" to show people that there are uses for plastic and you don't have to throw it away.

These amazing pieces were made with different colored plastic bottles that were cut up and used to make art.

 These "geos" were made from paper and plastic. (I can see my class doing something like this as a project in our class!)

We also participated in an art masterpiece....

So all the plastic pieces that you see here were found on the beaches of Hawai'i. So sad. :(

These were the instructions of what you could do to participate in a large-scale public installation that someone will put together next month.

It was actually a lot harder to find pieces to match up to 1 ounce! It took me a while to get it just right...but I finally did...and


I strung all the pieces together with a little metal wire...

 ...and placed my 1 ounce of plastic on the wall of nails where a plenty other 1 ounce pieces were hung. My landlady (the docent) said that this project has been going on since April (I think that's what she said!) and so this wall has been filled up so many times already! At least twice a week they had to take down the little one ounce pieces to make room for the new pieces! But it was pretty cool to be a part of that!

We also were able to walk the beautiful grounds of the Spalding House...


I could not get over just how beautiful the outdoor grounds were! This garden was amazing and so gorgeous! I feel as if I would be so inspired to do a painting here! If only I could sketch! I feel like I can stay here for a long time....

 This tree was begging to be climbed...and I could so see myself climbing this tree with a book in my  mouth (or in a backpack) and just reading balanced on one of the branches. It was so beautiful!

I was super bummed because we could have had a picnic on the lawn...however, when we were ready to eat lunch...there was a downpour. Which I wouldn't have mind eating in...but I didn't think my friends would have liked it the way that I did. But as soon as we had our amazing, yummy, tummy-filling lunch...we headed over to the Honolulu Museum of Art. But not before my friend and I played with this art piece!

It was actually a lot of fun and challenging trying to take a selfie in this mirrored art piece! 

This was the closest that I got to trying to get myself in all the little mirrors! :)


 Thank you James Seawright for was very entertaining. :)

Before making our way to the Honolulu Museum of Art, my landlady warned us that we wouldn't be able to go through everything because of how big the place was. So I have decided that I would like to go back again one day. :)

The first exhibit that we went to was the art of the Philippines. I was ashamed to say that I didn't know about a lot of the art pieces that I saw...but in my defense, I did not grow up learning about the Philippine Art...I did notice though that I really liked a lot of the jewelry that they made!

I really liked a lot of the earrings! I can't really see myself wearing the necklaces...but I do like them as well! Their bracelets were pretty impressive as well!

This art piece caught my attention...but when I got close to kind of freaked me out!

When you looked closely at this can see why I quickly jumped back. 

There are EYEBALLS all over this totem thingy! It reminds me of something from Jeepers Creepers! Yeah, it took me awhile to be able to have the balls to take this picture...because it was really nerve wrecking...eyeballs. Staring at you. *shivers* No, thank you.

Well this piece is called "Assemblage of miscellaneous objects." I guess the person just had eyeballs just laying around to add. Hm....

I don't really remember the room that this tea collection was in...but I really like it...I like teapots, teacups, tea anything...I want to have a huge collection myself! :)

One of the last things that we did was rest at the Shangri La Cafe...and have these amazing cookies!

And then I also had the hibiscus soda...and that was super refreshing as well! But the company was amazing, the day was filled with informational fun...and I had a lot :)

I can't wait until my next excursion to cross off my bucket list. :)