Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cookies, painted nails, and postcards.

Last night I did something that I hadn't done in such a long time. I painted my nails. Granted it is one of my simpler designs...but it's been months since I last painted my nails! And I have to admit...I miss seeing the flash of bright colorfulness throughout the day. I've always loved to paint my has always been very therapeutic to me. Then life happened and things got busy and I didn't realize that I was going a day, week, month, monthSSSS without painting my nails. There was a time where I use to paint and design my nails twice a week! My goodness...oh those young, carefree days. *laughs*

Anyways, I was on the phone with my friend, and she mentioned that she just painted her nails the colors of her son's baseball team, since the season started again for him. And she asked me what design I had on my nails...when I said my nails were only painted clear (just because I didn't design my nails, didn't mean I didn't clean them weekly and put a clear coat over them!) she told me to paint my nails. So I did.

Left Hand

Right Hand.
Like I said,  simple design...yet it made me happy to see my nails painted again. I think I should start doing that again...if I have the time! *laughs*

Today was a super busy day for me. But I have to say that it was a very productive day! I got a lot of thing done...and the last thing that I wanted to get done was my postcrossing postcards. I got the notice on Saturday that one of my postcards made it to it's destination...and that makes 15 total that I had sent out and was registered, which means that I can add one more postcard to send out at a time. So, I am up to 7 postcards out at the same time. I also got a message from someone asking if I wanted to direct swap with them, and I said yes, so I had to get that postcard done and sent off!

For some reason, I was craving something sweet, preferably chocolate-y when I was preparing my desk to choose and write the postcards that I needed to send out. I try not to keep sweets in my house since I do have the "happy drawer" full of all kine candy at my work. So I tried to ignore the craving, however when I went to my school bag to get the stickers and pens that I use to write the postcards, I saw that I had placed the cookies that my brother-in-law had gotten me from Big Island in my bag and it was still there...all perfectly air-title in a bag!

So as I did my postcards, I was silently sending thankful vibes over to my brotherIL for the yummy, yummy big Island Cookies!

Oh yes, Big Island is known for their yummy, yummy cookies...and I'm so glad that he got me some! :) But I am even more glad that he's back. He had to leave for a job that he had there...and I know that my lil DollGirl missed him a lot. I know she is a "Papa's Girl"...and so it was hard that he was gone for a few days. But he is back and he brought me cookies. :)

This postcard is going to France. I would love to visit France one of these days! That would be SO cool! This person (never mentioned if s/he was a male or female or their name) can speak and write in 4 different languages! That's pretty amazing! French, English, Spanish, and Chinese! That's pretty cool! "Person" had a few request on what postcards to receive, and one was "anything about your town, country, or culture) and I feel as if surfing (even though I don't surf) is a big part of our culture here in Hawai'i and so that is why I choose this postcard for this person. I wrote a few things about myself and how I would much rather go stand-up paddleboarding...but that I do love to go swimming. I hope s/he enjoys the postcard and that its gets to them safely!

This postcard will be making it's way to a lady in China tomorrow morning. I really like this card! And I hope she does to! She had a "My list (not must)" preference of postcards and "map card" was one of them. I hope that that qualifies! I love the "old world" feel to it...:) She wanted to know a little bit about me and so I told her basically the same thing that I told the postcard going to France...I wish this card a safe journey to China!

This is one of my favorite multi-view cards from Oahu. I don't know why I like it so much...maybe because it shows more diversity than other multi-view cards that I've seen, but I hope that Laura from Italy likes it! She had messaged me a few days ago asking if I wanted to do a Direct Swap with her and I had agreed. So I sent her my address and she wrote me back Saturday night with her address and informing me that she sent me a postcard last THURSDAY!...and so I had to wait to send her a postcard on Monday. So it's going out first thing in the morning! She seems like a really nice person! She wanted a multi-view card of where I lived and so that is why I choose this one. I put a sticker that says, "Fall in love with as many things as possible" on it with some candy stickers as well. And I also drew her a flower and since she mentioned that she wanted to learn words in other language, I told her about the word "Aloha" and how it is used here on the island and it's deeper meaning. I hope she likes the card!

I did receive a message from a postcrosser in Russia saying that she was going to send me another postcard because the one that she sent me didn't get to me. I have a feeling that postcards from and to Russia are going to be slow going. I did hear back from the first postcrosser that I sent a postcard to who happened to be from Russia. He is a very nice young man who is mastering the piano...and I think that that is awesome. I had written him telling him that I had sent him a postcard 3 months ago and if he got it...and I was willing to send him another one if he didn't  get my first one. He wrote back that he would appreciate it if I did send him another one and he would send me one too. So, I think that coming and going postcards from Russia are going to take a bit longer than everyone else...but that's okay. Patience, right?! :)