Sunday, August 21, 2016

Blueberry Muffins.

I got another notice saying that my postcard made it! So, now I am sending off another postcard to another part of the world!

This postcard will be sent (tomorrow, since today is Sunday) to a young lady named Lacey in Colorado! I think that it's so awesome that we are one country...yet each state is different from each other...and I've been to Colorado when I was in highschool, and it is a beautiful place! Lacey is also a teacher and she mentioned that she wanted a postcard from every state, so I am glads that I'll be able to send her one from Hawai'i! I decided to send her a postcard of my beloved beach, Lanikai, heavenly ocean.

And before I go and get stuff done around the house, I wanted to give you this beautiful visual of these wonderful smelling blueberry muffins that my landlady gave me just a few minutes ago!

Yes, they do smell as lovely as they look. Still hot out of the oven too! :)