Monday, August 29, 2016

All things matter.

This morning as I was getting out of my car, a tiny baby Gold-Dust Day Gecko feel onto my car chair while I was trying to get all the bags that I brought to school out. I couldn't figure out where it fell from and I felt so bad, because it looked like it was in a bad place...but I couldn't leave it in my car because I knew that it was going to get really hot fast, since it's been hot lately, and I couldn't leave it on top of my car coz I didn't want a bird to come by and eat it! So picked it up, and it didn't struggle at all and let me pick it up. I really want one of these beautiful geckos as a pet! They are so beautiful, but I couldn't bare to put suck a beautiful creature in captive when it can be free and so I decided to bring it into my classroom and put it in a safe place where it can recuperate with no outside factors giving it trouble.

I decided to place it on one of my coral pieces that grace my classroom window sill. I figured the sun will give it it's energy back, but it wasn't directly in the sun that it would bake. Also, the little keiki couldn't get to it, and it was in a safe place.

As I was talking to a parents, I saw that it had perked up a lot and was running up my class window!

I hope that this little one grows to be big and that it is okay! My niece came into my classroom as it scrambled up my window and out to where ever it wants to go.

I don't know what happened to this little guy, but I was happy to see that it had a chance in the big scary world! All things matter...including this little gecko!

When I got home I gasped in surprise when I saw this beautiful postcard waiting for me in my mailbox!

This beautiful postcard with fun stamps came to me all the way from France from a young lady who is so sweet! Her message to me was so thoughtful and lovely! I like nice people and I'm so glad that she took the time to find such a perfect postcard just for me! I love this addition to my postcard collection, that's for sure!