Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yay! to mailbox surprises!

I feel like these days are SO long and that they are never ending! I don't know what other jobs are like, but I wish people can somehow know just how emotionally, physically, and mentally draining it is to be a teacher. It's SO true, we don't do this for the money...and I am so happy that I love my job. But with every job, there is also the downside...but for me, the pros far out weigh the cons, but I'm just tired. So tired. Oh well....well, when I got home, I came home to two postcards from different parts of the world!

One was from Germany and the other one was from the Netherlands.

This postcard is from Kathrin and she has been with postcrossing for about 3ish years...that's a long time! This postcard is a picture of where she is from in Germany in this place called Jena...and it looks so beautiful! I love the sun that is peeking over the horizon! And the stamps are beautiful! I love flowers!

The second postcard is from The Netherlands.

It is a very interesting postcard! Two mating ladybugs...but it is a postcard that I have never seen before that's for sure! One cool thing about this postcard is that it is like a hologram postcard so you can't really tell from the picture, but it's like a 3D postcard! So that was pretty cool! The sender of this postcard has been with Postcrossing for over 4 years and has sent out and received more than 1,000 postcards! That's a lot!! I love the fact that she runs her own Bed & Breakfast! That is so cool!

Yes, I am enjoying all the postcards that I am receiving! :) And I can only hope that those who receive the ones that I send out enjoy them just as much as I enjoy selecting the perfect one for them! :)