Thursday, July 28, 2016

Working hard.

This week is Teacher Work Week. It's the week that we get as teachers to fix our classroom and start on our lesson plans for this coming up year. A week? I wish that we could have more than a week, but I am very appreciative for this week. But I do have to say that I feel like I put in more hours on this week for this job than I do on a normal preschool work day. Oh well, that could just be me and how particular I want my room. :)

The first thing that I wanted to do was get all the painting that I needed to get done. And I did a lot of painting! The first thing that I wanted to do was this "easy" job of repainting this toy shelf for the kids. I also plan on putting the fish tanks on this...and don't get me wrong, I am all up for the primary colors, but this...this was something that needed to change. 

I started off with painting the outside black and then then inside the cubbies a sea foam color. I love that color combination! I really love the ending product!

I think that it matches my room sooo much better and I get match it better in the future. The red was just too bright! Because of the humidity it took a long time for this baby to dry! I did a lot of painting this year. I chalkboard painted my door with a trim of this same sea foam color. And I also made four chalk board's to hang around my room.

I hate when my classroom is a mess and I have to admit I was going into anxiety mode during this process! It took forever to take down the bulletin paper because I didn't just want to rip it down and throw it away, it was still good paper and so I wanted to save it all and cut it into smaller pieces to recycle it for artwork.

I decided to use black as the main color for the bulletin boards and it made me sooo frustrated because the boarders that I wanted were out of stock at all the teacher stores here on the island (a down side to living a small island...) but I made due and used chevron strips and polka dots that I had used last year in a different pattern.

Once I had all my bulletin paper up with the boarders I felt like I could now start on the other things that I wanted to do...the details and accents. And most importantly setting up the classroom management part of the room. It frustrates me if there is no order or the management is off in my class.

Oh but first...look at my black mollies and (one guppy) their babies! Aren't the babies SOOOO cute! I love my fish. :)

I love laminating EVERYTHING! I wish that our school had a bigger laminater, but that's okay, because for now I can use my personal one. It gets what I need done, done. :)

Order. See, I like order...:)

Their cubby tags are super cute! I love the accept pieces that I chose for this year...I love the "cutesy" things with adorable faces!

Although, I do like this part of the year where I can redo my room and get back with organizing everything and implement new very time consuming trying to get everything done for the first day of school...and I have to say that at the end of the day I am extremely exhausted...

When I got home I was excited to get a postcard in the mail. :)

The postcard was from 17 year old Katerina and she is from Czech Republic. It had a very sweet message on back about how she knows someone here in Hawai'i and she had met him at a camp where she gave her life to God. That was awesome to hear! On my postcrossing profile, I had mentioned that I love God and I was glad that she was comfortable enough to let me know about that amazing decision that she made.

I also think that stamps that she used are super adoreable and cute...bunnies! You can't go wrong with bunnies! :)

Well, I hope that I'll be able to finish what I need to get done for my classroom by Monday! I'm sure I will, I mean, it does look a lot better than it did in the beginning of the week! :)