Monday, July 18, 2016


I am trying my best to like Mondays. I know that I don't have to LOVE Mondays...but I really do try to be more positive about Mondays...even though I don't, or I rarely ever sleep in...even on the's always so hard to wake up on Mondays!

It was a good day today...but it was so bloody hot! The weather is confused. I honestly believe that the weather is confused. It doesn't know whether to be hot, cold, windy, rainy, humid...or what! Oh well...because when I got home I got another postcard!! And of all places, I got a postcard from Sacramento, California! I had to do a double look because I thought that I was just getting a postcard from a friend/family member from home! It was so awesome to get a postcard from Sacramento because I use to go there all the time!

I do miss the amazing Victorian houses and Old Town Sac and just being with friends and family hanging out there!

But here is the postcard that I received:

The postcrosser who sent me this postcard is an artist and uses antique photos in her work. She also gives history tours at a local cemetery while wearing a big Victorian dress! That's pretty awesome...maybe one day when I go home I might take a history tour there! :)