Tuesday, July 12, 2016


So, I just recently heard about Postcrossing...and I wish I heard about it a long time ago!! Basically it is this site where you join and you receive postcards from all around the world from people like me--people who like to give and receive postcards! I signed on about a month ago, and I should have thought to document it from the beginning, but today when I received my first post card through this site was when I thought that I can document my experience on here!

When I joined, I made a simple profile about myself and requests of postcards. I didn't want to make any specific qualifications of the postcards that I would get; I just requested that they send me a "surprise to make me smile." To start, you request (up to) five addresses to send a postcard to. The first five places that I got to send postcards to were Russia, China, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Germany. The posts cards that I sent to Ukraine and Taiwan got to their destinations in 21 days and the post card to Germany got there in 20 days. The post card that I sent to China is on it's 26th day and the Russia postcard is on it's 30th day. So that was one things that I learned with the first batch of postcards that I sent out...patience. The first week I was constantly checking the website trying to see if my postcard got there. I had to force myself to forget the postcards and it was an amazing surprise when I got the email saying that three of my postcards got to their destinations. :)

How it works is, like I said, you request up to five people's address to send a postcard to. When you receive the address you will get to see their profiles and see if they have any special requests for their postcards. You can use those special requests as guidelines, but you don't have to follow them. Technically all is needed is that you send a postcard to the person. Their profiles also tell you a little about the person. You will also get a code to put on the postcard, which is something you HAVE to put on the postcard because that is how the postcard is tracked.

You first start with (up to) five post cards to send out at one time. The more post cards that reach their destinations, the more postcards you can have out in the mail. When your post card is registered with the code that you provided (from the site), you can then request another address and you are now next in line for the next person who requests to send a postcard! So the more postcards you send out, the more you will get! If you go to their site Postcrossing it explains it all. On the website it also says that "The number of postcards allowed to travel at any single time goes up the more postcards you send."

I sent out five about a month ago. Three have gotten to their destinations so I was able to request three more address and I will be receiving three postcards sometime. So I have sent out eight postcards through postcrossing as of now. And today I got my first one in the mailbox. :)

I wasn't smart enough to take pictures of the first five I sent out, but I did take pictures of the last three that I sent out last week. I did check the box saying that I didn't mind receiving postcards from people from my own country (you do have the option not to) because I figured that I haven't been to all 50 states, and I think that it would be cool to get a postcard from somewhere here in the States as well! :) The last three places that I sent postcards to was to USA (Florida), New Zealand, and Germany again.

This is the postcard that I sent to New Zealand. She had requested a postcard with sunsets, so I sent her a postcard of several different sunsets here in Hawai'i. She also asked to write her a recommendation of a book that she should read. I also added my favorite quote at the end. :) ....and stickers. :)

This gal had requested a postcard with flowers (she had an impressive list of requests! Flowers was just one option!) Since she never requested anything specific to write about, I decided to write out one of my favorite flower quotes from Emerson. "The Earth laughs in flowers." And of course, I love adding stickers...:)

The one that I sent to Florida was this one. I didn't have any of the requests that she had asked for except for this one. Kind of.  One of the options that she had  was "Greetings from..." postcards, so I figured this "Aloha from Hawai'i" was our equivalent of "Greetings from..." so I hope that she likes this one! And I wrote out some of my favorite quotes for her to have.

Like I said, the requests of postcards that each person asks for are only a guideline so that you are not in a rut of the kind of postcard that you want to send. There are so many postcards here in Hawai'i...but I"m pretty sure that I might use the same postcard. For me, I will try to at least try to send something that the person will like. At least, I'll try to send something from their list...and I'll try to write something that they would be interested in. I never wrote suggestions of what they can tell me, but I did say to surprise me. :)

My first postcard was from Tennessee and it was sent in an envelope (I have discovered that people do sent postcards in an envelope, I don't mind either way though.) The surprise for me was that I didn't only get one, but I got TWO! That was SO sweet of the person who sent it to me!

This was the first postcard that I took out and it's of the Smoky Mountains where winter meets fall...and it make me so nostalgic for "home"...where we actually had four seasons. Not enough to move back...yet, though! :) I don't know if you can tell, but the foggy/snowy bits of the postcard is glittery! That's awesome!! I love it! :)

This was the second postcard that was sent in the envelope. I love the story of "The Legend of the Dogwood." And anyone who knows me knows that I love flowers...so this was perfect...especially since it's PINK! :)

The person who sent me has convinced me that I need to make it to Tennessee to witness the Dogwood Festival in May and a "cool" firefly event in June! And I think that it would be so awesome to find "hidden homes, arrowheads and treasures!"

I can't wait until I receive more postcards! I use to have a huge postcard collection which disappeared in all the moving that I did...and that made me sad. And when I mentioned this to a friend, he told me about Postcrossing and so it is my turn to pass it on to you! It's also fun for me to pick and choose which postcard is perfect for the receiver and it's always a challenge to figure out what to write, but that's the fun of it! 

Happy Postcrossing!