Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Paper Airplanes.

I love paper airplanes. They are so much fun and there are a lot of planes that you can make! I have made it point to learn different types of paper airplanes to make! So you can say that I was pretty stoked when one of my little darlings brought in a book about paper airplanes!

At first I was super excited because I thought it was a book that showed you how to make ONE HUNDRED different kinds of airplanes! But, not it was only four different kinds, but it had one hundred pretty paper to make airplanes from. Oh least I learned 4 different ways to make airplanes.

Since, my little darling brought the book in, as a class we decided that we were going to make airplanes all day long. So I took out scrap paper, crayons, markers, and stickers and told them to decorate paper and I would make it into an airplane of their chose. I let them to two different airplanes and then we talked about the different things that we can do with our planes and then we took them outside and just had a lot of fun throwing and soaring our planes.

In all honesty, I have my favorite way to make an airplane...I think it still was the best one! *laughs* The kids had a lot of fun and so did I. I ended up making more airplanes for them during naptime because they all asked me if I can make some for their brother's and sisters...and I told them that I would...and they can decorate it at home.

It was a very fun day filled with paper airplanes. :)

(The paper airplanes that I made for my darlings' brothers and sisters!)

When I got home, two postcards were waiting for me in the mailbox! I am LOVING all these postcards that I am receiving! :) The two postcards that I got where from Germany (Deutschland) and Taiwan!

The one that I got from Germany was this amazing postcard! I absolutely love it! And you all know why! I love elephants and this is a beautiful postcard with elephants! :) The postcrosser told me that she had gone to South Africa and was able to see wild elephants in their own territory! And I think that that is amazing! I hope one day that I will be able to do that!

This is the one that I got from Taiwan. It's a bit scary...but it is cultural..which is cool! 

I hope the postcards keep rolling in! :)