Friday, July 15, 2016

More postcards!

I was checking my phone during my lunch break and I got three notices emailed to me that three of my postcards arrived at their destinations! The last postcards that I sent out have already reached their destinations...and at the same time...well, within hours of each other. That's pretty impressive to me! They were sent to New Zealand, USA (Florida) and Germany. I honestly thought that the one that I sent to Florida would have gotten there way before that others did, but yeah, the same day.

The originals that I have sent out to Russia and China are pushing 33 days now. (Well, the one that I sent to Russia was the first one that I mailed out and it has a three day head start from the one that I sent to China. So, China 30 days; Russia 33 days.) I hope that they get there. I would hate to have expired cards placed on my profile because they didn't get there. And those postcrossers are waiting for their postcard! Maybe it just takes a couple more days/weeks (hopefully NOT MONTHS!) to get to their destination.

When I got home, I was also excited to receive a postcard as well! Yay, it's about time the postcards that I am suppose to get start rolling in! :) I got Belarus, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Czech Republic as places where to send my next postcards. I was able to add another postcard to be sent out since I reached the 5 postcard mark to be able to have more postcards to be sent out.

I was laughing at myself while I was choosing postcards for this batch of postcards to be sent out. I am still in amazing awe of this place that I live in and sometimes I feel like I am going to wake up and realize the past couple of years was only a dream. I've had my ups and downs living here, and there have been plenty times where I feel like I couldn't make it (cost of living is ridiculous! To the point of where I have my doubts if I would have moved here if I had known just how high it was!) But I love it here and whenever I think of leaving, my heart breaks. <i>Am I going to stay here forever?! I don't know the future, but I love calling this place home.

I have to admit that I didn't know where Belarus was located on the map and so when I looked up I saw that it is a country in Eastern Europe that boarders Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Pictures of Belarus look beautiful...lots of green, and gorgeous, gorgeous landscapes! And the water, wow! A beautiful, beautiful blue!

One of this postcrosser's request was for a postcard with an ocean view, so I decided to send her one of the moon rising over The Mokes in Lanikai. It's one of my favorite views here on the island...and I have seen it often. By the time it is the moon rise time, there aren't many people out by the beach, if any. And it's so peaceful and still and an amazing place to go to when you just want to take a break from all the chaos of life. She also mentioned that she loves stickers on her card so I added some on there for her as well as told her a little bit of the stuff that I enjoy doing. She also had a request to "please write 'toland 4ever' on the card." And so I did add that on there. I'm not sure what it even means, but hey, if it's a little thing to make someone smile...then okay. :)

This postcrosser from the Netherlands had resquested for any kind of card to be sent to her.&nbsp; I decided to send a more "touristy" snapshot collage of my beautiful island. :) She talked about the things that she loves and her passion so I decided to send her a quote that I enjoy myself: "Live to the moments you can't put into words." I hope she likes it!

This young lady from Taiwan had requested postcards with a beautiful scenery, and so I send her one of this gorgeous swimming place that was in the movie "From Here to Eternity"...hence the nickname. I told her about a few things about my and my hobbies...and I also wished her a happy birthday since I saw that her birthday was coming up soon!

I don't know how I feel about this, but this gentleman from Czech Republic had asked for his postcard to be blank and to be send in an envelope. He had been collecting postcards since 1968 and has over 2,500 postcards, however they are all blank and not marked with address or stamps. So I did what he asked and placed one of our beautiful Ko'olau Mountain Range postcard in an adddressed envelope. I did stick a post-it on the back of the card talking about the waterfalls that happen to our Ko'olau's during the rains.

I like how she added the time and the weather degrees on there. That is a good idea! :) I also LOVE the stamps that she used...I love flowers! And the postcard of a beautiful building! I would love to explore it and see what it's like inside! It must be super beautiful and full of history. At least that is what I can imagine! :) Check out that impressive ink stamp as well! I love! :)