Sunday, July 31, 2016


Yes, I have the jitters. I always have "first day jitters" no matter how many years I have been teaching, I always get nervous on the first day of school. And to make matters worse, we have not one day that we consider first day, but we have TWO "first day's" because since we do part time at our school, my Monday/Wednesday/Friday class is different from my Tuesday/Thursday class. I do have one child who is full time and comes every day...and he was with me during the summer so that makes it somewhat easier...but other than that, I have the jitters for sure! I know that I am a good teacher, its just that initial meeting of the parents and their keiki that makes me nervous because for the most part these kids have never been in a childcare environment and the parents could be first timers and it makes them more nervous...which makes me nervous, but I can't really show it. But I know that everything will be good. :)

But I did finish my classroom! I still have places that I was not able to organize, but my class is ready for first day!

I had put the cots out to make sure that there was enough space for napping without the children being too close to each other. That is very important to me! I want the children to sleep, not play with each other...but there is my classroom! I am not sure that I am feeling black paper any longer though! I know that either during Christmas or just next year I am going with white bulletin paper. But it does look nice and I am happy with it. :)

I did down size my window garden though. I have 5 pineapples, an avocado tree and a Jade succulent plant with a few nests up for display. I love the pineapple plants! I love the smell of pineapple and the kids love it to! :)

When I got home, I got the notification that one of my postcards made it to its destination and so I was able to send another one out.

In all caps this young lady hinted that she loved turtles so I decided to send her a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. I hope that she likes it! :) This postcard was sent to New another fellow USA postcrosser. :)

Here is a picture at what my desk looks like right now...

Yep, I am busy trying to do lesson planning for this month and writing down and typing up everything that I need to do before the first day of school tomorrow! So that is what I am going to do right now. :)

Pray for me and the little kids that walk through my door tomorrow!