Saturday, July 16, 2016

Exploring Oahu.

I am just a few weeks shy of reaching my 6th year of living here on Oahu...and there are still a few, well, a lot of places that I haven't visited. I had told myself when I first moved here that I didn't ever want to take for granted the place that I lived in. I don't know the future and so I don't know when I'll be moving to a new place to explore, so I had written out a "bucket list" of places and things that I wanted to do here on Oahu...and I have crossed off a lot of things already, but there are still things that I want to do. Today was a day that I choose to explore some of the historical places in town.

When I told my friend about my bucket list, she told me that she would love to come with me in my exploration of not only Oahu but all the Hawaiian islands...and who am I to say no?! It's always fun exploring with a friend. :)

Our day started early, but not too early...and of course we stopped at one of the best coffee stops (in my opinion!) here in Kailua. Kalapawai Market. You can come here to just chill and grab a (cheap but amazing, SUPER amazing) cup of coffee. My friend actually comes here every morning and just sits out front and just talks story with everyone! I'm not an early morning person so I don't join her...but one of these day I just might...she knows nearly everyone!

Their Hazelnut Kona Coffee is AMAZING...but since today was just super hot already I got another one of my top favorite a Dirty Chai Iced. (Like my hat?! I love it. :))

The first place that we went was The Bishop Museum. Oh my days. I think that I can come here every single weekend and just stay here! I absolutely LOVE historical museums!

This place has several buildings that you can visit...and it was hard to choose which one to go to first! I decided to go to the Hawaiian Hall Complex...and it's a EXTREMELY impressive building!

We went into the Hawaiian Hall Gallery first and I swear that I can stay on each floor for AT LEAST a day per floor! There was so many interesting things to see and read about. And yes, I am that person that likes to read EVERYTHING everything everything. Yep, that would be me. Which is why I don't like going to places like this in big groups because I don't want to be the one who holds everyone up...but since it was just my friend and I and then her daughter ended up joining us when we were only there for about 2 hours...and she loves places like this like me.

This is one of my favorite thing that I saw. This is one of Duke's original surfboard made purely out of Koa! That things just be SUPER heavy! I can't even imagine! That was was a fun thing to see!

I could not get over how beautiful the outside the building was and then I walked inside the building and I was again in awe with the beautiful architecture of the place!

This is one of my favorite things that I read, "So it is with the medicine of Kane, before we use things for medicinal purposes, we asked for it because it was someone elses who made them grow. if we take without asking, we are guilty of stealing. Son't be careles. Do not just go and take, that's the way thieve do."- Joseph Kupihea Kahananui, 1962

 After we explored that amazing place (done for now!) we decided to walk the Nā Ula Kaiwi'ula Native Hawaiian Garden...and it was a short walk, but beautiful and we then we walked straight into the Science Adventure Center...and oh my days, I was greeted by this amazing wall of shiny and a waterwall right next to each other.

I want one! I want both walls in my "dream house" it doesn't even have to be that big! I feel as if I can stay there in front of those walls for at least an hour just watching it! :)

They had a shark exploratory area...they usually have different showcases of different themes every so often...and I was glad to be able to experience the shark exhibit

I'm still trying to gather my courage to go into a shark cage to "swim" with sharks out in the ocean! This is a real cage that they use for this activity) according to MJ (one of my friend's that came with me today). She has been swimming with the sharks on several occasions now...and she did say that she would go with me when I am ready to go. I'm not to hot on that open space by my head...I feel like they can still get to me! SCARY!

Other places that I went today:

For lunch we went into China Town and ate here. Amazing dim sum! 100% recommend this place!

The only Royal Palace in the US. The Iolani Palace. I feel like I can write a full on post on this place alone. A beautiful place...historically sad, but and amazing beautiful place.

Across the street we saw other historical buildings: Judiciary History Center and Hawai'i Supreme Court.

We sat here near this little spring just resting for a bit before went to go see the missionary houses.

It was a VERY fun day...and I can't wait to explore my beautiful island again!