Saturday, July 23, 2016

Exploring North Shore.

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason...and I have to keep telling myself that since we have to cancel our trip to Kaua'i today.

Last night my friend called me while she was at paddling practice and told me that her paddling coach was telling her that Hawaiian Airlines were waiving the rescheduling fee for flights to Kaua'i, Maui, and Big Island because of Storm Darby...and the uncertainty of the flights going from and to there. I was really sad because I would have gone anyways, but there are a few of us that were going that had kids and they were going to be left with babysitters while we were gone on Kaua'i for the day...but then there could be a chance that we were going to get stuck in the island and not able to come back and so they didn't want to take that chance. So we had to reschedule our trip to September.

To say that I am disappointed is a big understatement, but then like I said, I believe that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason this happened. So instead of staying home and pouting about the cancelled trip, I asked my friend if she wanted to take an impromptu trip to North Shore to do whatever we wanted to, storm or not. And she agreed and it was a LOT of fun. :) We stopped where ever we wanted to on the way to and from North Shore and we had a lot of girl talk moments with lots of stops to beautiful, gorgeous places. I am still in awe that I live on this beautiful island...and it's coming up to 6 years that I've lived here...and wow, really?! :) Time sure does fly when you are enjoying life. :)

I did try to take pictures, but I also know that I've failed in capturing all the beauty that I took in. The first place that we went was...Starbucks. :) We needed our coffee fix...and yes, I am still trying to stay away from coffee on a daily basis...and it is still very hard...Since I know that I can easily get addicted to the caffeine in coffee, I try to stay away from it. But I hadn't had any in about a week and so I think that I'm good...

Then we were on our way to North Shore. As we were driving, I saw a sign that said "Ho'omalunia Botanical Gardens" and so (since my friend was driving) she did a quick turn around and we made our way to the gardens. I love gardens. Yep, botanical gardens are high on my list of places I like to visit. :) But oh wow...this places amazing!!! Gorgeous views and since the storm was coming it was shrouded in mist and fog and it made the views look spectacular!

I was way too busy enjoying the views then taking pictures of it...but look at our beautiful Ko'olau Mountains! Like I mentioned earlier, pictures do not do justice to the amazing, awe-inspiriting places of this beautiful place that I call home. Look how green it is! So gorgeous! There is a camp ground on at this place...and I think that it would be fun to go camping least l we don't have to worry about bears and raccoons! :)

When I had told my landlady that we were going to go driving around the island towards North Shore, she told me about her favorite place here on the island and so we decided to go visit it. Laie Point...or "Puka Rock" as the locals call it. There wasn't a lot of parking, but then right when we got there it started to rain, and so a lot of people left so we had perfect parking. :) And I am glad that we came here because it is a beautiful place. It was super windy, and rainy, but it was so worth it...and I can see myself coming back to this place. Although, I'm not a big fan of a lot of people...and I can see a lot of tourist like coming here...and its a beautiful place and it's so photogenic!

I swear that I could have stayed here for hours just watching the waves rolling in the water, however as I was getting out of my car (we took my car) I guess there was something sharp on the door handle and I cut myself and even though I had a napkin to "soak" up the blood, it was a lot deeper than I thought and the blood was saturating the napkin. No, I didn't take a picture of it! :) But we left after about a decent amount of time here at Puka Rock and went to the gas station to get some bandaids. ($2.09 for 2!)

My friend had always wanted to go to Waimea Beach and so since it was just a hop, skip, and a hop away from Puka Rock we decided to stop by there, and since it was raining still, the parking lot, which is usually always filled up, and a few empty stalls that we were able to grab.

I love this beach. I wish that it was closer to where I live, but it's fun to come out here for the day...during times like this the water is soooo calm, that it's hard to believe that this is one of the places that surfers come world wide to surf when the surf is high! But look how calm it is! The water wasn't bad was a lot warmer in the water then it was out!

Another place that we stopped at was at Sharks Cove. I had not yet come here...but I know a lot of people like to come here to go snorkeling...and I can see why. It's super rocky here though and shallow...I like snorkeling where it' a bit more deeper...but it still is a beautiful place!

I am spoiled with all the clear waters that we have here! Whenever I go back home to California, I am reminded how dark and cold the water can be. I would come back here to Sharks Cove...but I don't think I can be here all day...but it would be a nice stop. 

We spend the majority of our time walking around Halaiwa, a place that reminds me of St. Helena, Ca...except island style. :) We then stopped by a truck stop to get some Thai Food...I love Thai Food! So ono! :) Another place that we stopped at was the Laie Hawai'i Temple. I didn't take any pictures of the place, but it was a beautiful temple and the people there were super nice and soooo calm like! But my friend and I stayed here sitting on a bench right next to a fountain and we both agreed that it was a very peaceful place and we didn't even realize how much time passed because it was sooooo chill and relaxed here!

We then made our way towards town to our favorite boba tea place called Taste Tea to get our island favorite drinks. :)

And ended our day with a bowl of yummy Ramen from Goma Tei. It was my first time there, by my friend loved it there and so she wanted to take me there. And I have to agree with her...I liked it there. :) After we stopped at a favorite trinket store, Red Pinapple, we headed home and called it a day.

Although the day didn't go as planned, I'm glad that I didn't stay home and do nothing. I'm glad that I have a friend that I was able to spontaneously call to brave Storm Darby with me to explore this beautiful island that I live on. 

But I sure can't wait until I get to go to Kauai'i! At least I have something to look forward to now! :)