Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Update Playground.

I love my co-workers and I can say with certainty that not only are they my co-workers, but that they are my friends. I am so blessed to be part of a school that is so close-knit and so very ohana. Today, I stayed at school until very late, not because I had work to do, but because I ended up talking to one of my co-workers and whenever I talk with her, we end up talking for nearly forever and a day! Well, they have put up the big play structure of the playground and we wanted to get a closer look at it, and so after I finished cleaning the school (and my friend helped) me, we climbed over the temporary divider that the workers had put up to keep the kids away from where they are working and for the first time, we explored the new big structure. I didn't take too many pictures because we were having way to much fun...but I was able to take some.


I love how green the (fake) grass is! It's so beautiful! And I love the rainbow colors of this slide...and so here is me (well, actually my feet!) about to go down the slide. I didn't slide down as fast as I thought, but that was because my 'okole is so big! *laughs* But it was still fun to try. :) And least I fit! :)


Here is one of the many climbing structures. I am actually kind of nervous about this part. My 2 year olds might try to climb all the way to the top and not be able to get down...and so this is one of the problem spots that I see, at least until I am sure that they are able to climb it up and down. I'm comfortable them climbing until the blue part, but I'm not so sure all the way up to the red part...but I'm sure that the older ones will have fun climbing this thing!


This is another climbing structure that I'm nervous about, but it did say that it was age appropriate for my kids. I'm not too sure that I trust that rating. And trust me, I am not one to undershoot the abilities of my kids, but we will see. As a teacher I can see them falling, but as an Aunty, I am so up for the to master this thing!

This is another view of the same structure with Iwa standing on it. It's doable, but I think for the first few days that the new play structure is open, I will be a nervous fit trying to make sure that my little climbers will be okay.


I love this feature!! It's perfect for my little ones and for the older ones too, and I love it! I wish that I could have something like this IN my classroom!

This is another feature that I absolutely love! The monkey bars under the fish (open) tunnel stair thingy (I totally forgot to take a picture of it, but I will on my next update!) It looks really high in the picture, but it's not actually. It's a good hight....:)

And my most favorite part is this....


...our very own SWIMMING POOL!!! :) JOKING! Oh my goodness, that would be pretty cool, but that would also be very VERY nerve wrecking and crazy if we did have a pool! :) This is our sand box! Built right into the ground...and I know that my DollGirl will be in here like the whole time...she LOVES the sand and so do a lot of the other kids! I can't wait until it's filled with sand...I can't wait until the whole playground is finished! We are waiting for the "physical fitness" structures, our swing set and our musical structures that we ordered. We had thought that they would be here by now, but unfortunately they won't be here until sometime in May...which is a bummer! But, at least by summer school we will have it already! :)

Day 11 of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #11: What holiday are you grateful for?

Well, I can't decide which I like better Thanksgiving or Christmas...! If I have to choose one it would be....uhm, Christmas. I love the whole holiday feeling surrounding it. There was a time where I missed the chill in the air part of the holiday, and it took a long time for it to finally feel like Christmas without the "chill", but now, since I went "home" to CA for Christmas, even though I loved being home for Christmas, I think that it's going to be a LOOONG time until I do that again. I did not like the cold. I can do without the cold or the chill or the frozen body. *laughs* I love Christmas here on O'ahu. The Santa's are on surf/paddle boards and they are wearing board shorts with sun glasses throwing the shaka. There aren't as many Christmas lights, but I do enjoy going to town and riding the Trolly to see the city lights. And it does get "cold"...and I am with my family. Christmas is even better when there are kids involved and I love how my Gumball loves Christmas too. And her excitement is so contagious. And I can't wait to spend more Christmas with her and KaiBoy. :)