Monday, April 4, 2016


Pluviophile- (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Right now the rain is falling and the sound of it rivals the love I have of the sound of my beloved ocean waves. It's such a calming sound and I love it. I have a rain canal right outside my place and I can tell that it's slowly getting filled with rain water and the sound of the collected water bubbling down to the ocean adds to this tranquil moment. The raindrops splashing and falling from the trees completes this amazing, relaxing sound that I am in the middle of.  Wow, I love where I live, and I am so glad that I am able to call this place home. 

As I pulled my car into the garage, I sat in my car for a moment just to enjoy the sound of the rain and peaceful moment before entering my "little haven" to complete my checklist of "Things to do before I go to bed." As I am sitting there, I hear my landlady call my name and I look up to see her looking at me in concern as to why am I just sitting there. I just have to say, I have The Best landlady EVER! She is one of the sweetest person that I thoughtful and so caring. She has a cute little dog named Snoopy, and I adore the fact that he knows the sound of my car and he gets all excited when I come home. She had come out to let Snoopy come and greet me. I love that little dog...and I love the fact that he gets so excited when I arrive home. One day, I want to have a dog again. One day when I have a little bit bigger place that will allow me to have a dog (and a cat.)

I love the fact that I am surrounded by amazing people. My Teacher's Assistant (TA) has become like a mom to me. She texted me over the weekend to tell me that she has a 60 gallon aquarium (FULL SET UP) that her son is willing to give to me! (She also offered me a custom built 100 gallon fish tank! I am SOOO tempted! :)) Just give it to me, just like that. How amazing is that! I currently have a 35 gallon aquarium and a 10 gallon aquarium...and I just don't have room for a 60 gallon just yet. She told me that she will keep it for as long as I needed her to. She told me that she believes in me and that I will be able to get a bigger place where I can have all the fish tanks that I want. :) Her son actually was the one who gave me the two that I have now. I love my fish. They are pretty awesome. :) I am trying to see if my sister will take the 60 gallon tank, but I don't want to force her because taking care of your fish and is big responsibility and if she doesn't even know if she would want to have fish, I think that a 60 gallon is a bit to big for a starter. But who knows, maybe...:) But for now, my amazing TA (and friend) will keep it at her place for me. :) No matter how long. She's awesome. :)

A few weeks ago my sister asked my sister-in-law and I if we knew any devotionals that we can recommend to her since she was in-between devotionals. I gave her my two cents, but Amanda told both of us about this Bible Study Journal by Darlene Schacht and it was very interesting and I wanted to give it a try. So I went and bought one for myself and my sister (Amanda bought one for herself and it was being delivered to her already). Mine and my sister's arrived a few days before we were to leave to California, so I decided to wait until after I got back to start it. 

Last week was one of the most tiring, exhausting week EVER! The week I was in CA was super busy (SUPER FUN, but SUPER busy), and then coming home to go straight to work with a classroom full of 2-3 year olds, that was NOT happening for me! I barely got to the weekend before crashing all day Saturday! But yesterday, I was so wide awake with SO much energy, so that was good. I knew I just needed at least one day to recover, and I finally feel as if I can survive life again. :)

Anyways, as I was saying, so Amanda introduced my sister and I to this journal and to be honest, I am pretty excited to start. I'll be starting it today day (at 9:PM actually :)) I still have the DR Journal that I do in the mornings, and so this one I will be doing in the evening. The layout is pretty simple actually and it's really straight forward.

So, all the pages are somewhat like this. I like how they have "3 things I'm thankful for." I think that it's a very good thing to reflect on; the things that you are thankful. When you are having a bad day, it's good to be able to look back and read what you wrote down. 

I honestly thought when I got it that it would be more of a study guide and have verses or what not to reflect on, but I like this too, so that way I can choose what I wanted to study. But in that way, that was a problem. I haven't read my bible in such a long time. I do do devotionals in the morning and I do read the verses that are in my devotionals, but I haven't read my bible Bible. So, I think that it's good that it's going to help me get in the habit of exploring the Bible. After researching and doing much thought, I have chosen the book of James that I would study. 

When I was in the Philippines as a missionary for those 6 months, I remember liking the verses that I read from there...and plus I saw this:

And so I decided to find a study guide/reading schedule of the book of James and I found this:

And this is the guideline that I will be following! I made a print friendly version for myself.

(and yes, I just realized that I spelled the source wrong :( I found it on actually and it brought me to, so your should check that place out if you want to find where I got this reading schedule.)

So, that is my newest journal...and I'm excited! 


So now to answer the day 2 of my 30 days of Gratitude:

Day 2: What technology are you grateful for?

Hands down, my cell phone. Which is saying a lot, since I am always getting in "trouble" for not always having it with me! If I leave my phone home, I don't freak out, I just say "whatever" and move on and see whats up when I get home. :) For a long while I had wanted to not even have a cell phone. 

But then my parents became missionaries in a different country. Now my cell phone is the only way that I can get a hold of them. (Well, technically, my cell phone, computer, and/or iPad, BUT....) My cell phone has skype and facebook and can be with me where ever I go (that's if I don't forget it somewhere!) And those are the two methods that my parents try to get a hold of me.

To say that I was in an empty place when my parents left only brushes the surface of how I really felt. June 2010 was one of the most hardest times of my life...well, actually it WAS the most hardest thing that I had to go through (up-to-date). So many things were happening all at once and I felt like I would never stand on solid ground again, and when my parents left, it left me floundering in a whirlwind of chaotic emotions...and I felt like I was going into a dark place and I was scared that I wouldn't have been able to return. (That's where my wonderful sister came and helped me. :) Gosh, I love her!)

And that was when I started to really rely on my cell phone to keep me in touch with my parents. I don't have the most fanciest phone out there, but it is a piece of technology that I will never take for granted because it keeps me connected to my parents. The hard part is, I never know when they will reach out to me, coz I can't just call/message/text/skype them. I have to wait for them to be able to get in a place with service to be able to contact me. The last time I talked to them was more than 2 months ago. The wait to hear from them is killing me. But I have to trust that they are okay.

Another reason why I am grateful for it is, since I live alone now, it makes family seem closer. If I need to talk to my sister for whatever reason, I can call her. Same goes with my brother. Same goes with my best friend. Same goes for my cousin. I like how if I can't physically see them, I can still talk to them and that makes it feel like I'm not so alone in this world. 

So yes, the technology I am grateful for is my cell phone.