Wednesday, April 6, 2016


During my Spring Break the new playground that we will be getting at the school that I'm teaching at was getting started. It has only been about 2 1/2 weeks since the project started and already it looks so good! I am so happy that we were able to get this new playground put in, because the old playground wasn't up to Hawai'i's safety standards, and it was already looking really old. All the sand from the sandbox was getting EVERYWHERE and the grass was looking old and scraggly already.

When I returned from my spring break, what greeted me was amazing (fake) grass that was soo green! My co-workers who would come to school during the break just to see how the project was coming long had texted me while I was away and they told me that I was going to be so happy because it looked like Ireland...and anybody who knows me knows that I have been itching to visit that beautiful country...and so I was so excited to see this wonderful new playground of ours.

Look how beautiful that green is! That is true green! And I love it!  It won't be complete until May when the rest of our play equipment will be here (we had to order it all from the mainland and so we knew that it was going to take awhile. But we are aiming that we will at least get the big play structure put in so that the kids can play with it by the end of April. Also get the playground leveled like we want it, the sandbox made, the bike track made, and all the NyLawn put in.

So far, it looks pretty spectacular!


This looking at the front part of our playground from the front gate. We expanded this section of the playground 3 feet wider than before and we kept our "old" play houses and structures for now as we wait for our new equipment to be coming in. We are keeping the cement tunnel and my boss had asked me to repaint it during the summer if I have time. As for the other play houses and structures, they are still in pretty good condition, so we will be donating it to a friend of ours that is starting her own child care and she said that she can use them in her outside play area. I am glad that we will be able to donate it to someone who is starting their own childcare because I can only imagine how hard it is to start one up...and the structures and houses are in really condition. So that is good.

Because I am real happy for this little guy, I just wanted to show you my classroom's baby pineapple that we are caring for. A former teacher that use to work at the school started it, and had asked me to take care of it for her when she left. So my little keiki's have adopted it into our classroom school life. :) This guy sits directly under it's own personal "waterfall" a.k.a my classroom's A.C. drainage tube. :) It's going to be awhile before we can eat this little cutie and start another one from the top, but I am sure it's going to be worth the wait. :)


Today that "worker" men laid out the turf in the bike track that they finished yesterday. It looks so nice already! I wish I took before pictures, because then you would have been able to see how much of an improvement this is! The "worker" men (as my darling little keikis' have affectionately dubbed the construction workers!) put up this make shift fence to keep the kids out of the "construction site. They worked fast to get the front part up during our spring break so that we would have a place to play outside, but it's so funny because, although the kids love playing on the new turf....


...they also just love to sit here and just watch the "worker men" work from here! The men are so good with the children too! You can tell that they work hard and that are trying to work fast to meet their deadline, yet do their job efficiently.  But what I appreciate about them is that at least one of them will patiently answer all the questions the children are asking! They don't roll their eyes, they don't ignore them, they patiently explain to them what they are doing...and I really appreciate them doing that. It gets pretty hot and they wear long sleeves to protect themselves from the sun, and what they are doing is not easy and is strenuous.... and at times you can see that they are frustrated and just hot, but they have never once raised their voices, told the children to go away, or rolled their eyes at the children. And for that, I appreciate them.


This morning one of our caterpillar's chrysalis hatched out a beautiful monarch butterfly and all day long the children were waiting for it to stretch out it's wings and get ready to fly away. When that happens, they all gather around and watch as the butterfly flies off for the first time. It's so cute watching the little one's faces as this happens. :)  Well, the time came and Ms. Jade allowed the butterfly to walk on her hand and she as she held her hand out the children were all quite for once (we told that the we didn't want to scare the butterfly on it's debut flight!). I wish you were all able to see their faces as the butterfly opened it's wings and took off! Because we told them not to yell and/or scream their excitement were all contained and it glowed out of their faces...and as we watched that butterfly fly away we saw it land on the turf up there. But the thing is, the "worker men" were still laying it out and nailing it down. They were walking all over the place trying to get it done efficiently, but as fast as they can. The children all walked toward the makeshift fenced and just looked at the butterfly just resting there, flapping it's wings as it continued to stretch it out. It was funny listening to them talk to each other. "I hope uncle doesn't step on it!" "Oh no! They don't see it!" "Butterfly! Fly away!" Until one "uncle" took pity on the children and bent down to let the butterfly get on his finger as he returned the butterfly to safety. See, like it said, I really appreciate the "worker men". They work hard and fast and yet still take the time to make the little ones smile. :)

This is the farthest part of our playground. I love how my school has a big outside play area! The children love it and I love it! It's so fun watching the children as they all play with each other and come up with random games that don't make sense. :) And I am so excited to when this playground will be completed! We will be putting a swing set here and this is where we will try to also make a community garden! All this will be NyLawn except of the part where we want to make a garden.

I am so excited for the community garden, even if it's not a community garden, I'm excited for a school garden! It will be so much fun and I can't wait for my kids to be able to transplant the plants that we already have in our classroom! Maybe one day I will take a picture and post about our classroom window sill garden. We have an avocado seed that just cracked and is growing a plant, several lemon tree seedlings, carrots, our beans are growing super fast, rosemary, oregano,  peppermint, a pineapple top (we're waiting for it's roots to come in so that we can plant it!), a potato, a sweet potato, an onion, and some green onions. We will be starting our flower pots of marigolds, petunias, and violas. I want to start some sunflowers and more herbs. But I found a few bird's nests on my home property and had brought them in and the children had wanted to add them to our garden. So there are random nests in-between the planters. It's cute. :)

But I am excited for our playground. The kid are excited for the playground and I hope that every thing will work out for the best! :)

Now on to the question of the day: 30 Days of Gratitude

Day #4: What food are you most grateful for?

Lemons. I love lemons! Every morning I drink a fresh cup of lemon juice and I love it! I love the smell of lemons and I just think the fruit itself is just so happy. The lemon seedlings that we have started in school came from lemons that I have used...and it's so fun to see them grown. I currently have 10 growing in my studio right now, and people have already asked for them. It's going to take years for them to fruit, but that's okay. I do plant on buying a dwarf lemon tree to keep in my studio, but I don't know when that will happen. But lemons, I am so grateful for the lemon. :)