Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It's late and I just got back from my friend's house. This lady is like a mom to me and she invited me over to her house tonight after work (no matter what time I got off!) just because she said that sometimes it gets lonely to come home to an empty house all the time, so just come over to her house and she will be there to keep me company for awhile. She lives real near where I live so even though I got off of work late, it was okay. She always sleeps late anyways.

Every morning she wakes up she chooses to be happy, and it's so obvious when I see her. She is ALWAYS happy. Her favorite words are, "Don't worry! Do you see me worried?! There's nothing to be worried about!" She is awesome. Her family is awesome too! I took to them real fast and her kids are my age. Her husband is real nice, her son and daughter are real nice...they are a genuinely "real nice" family. Super funny too. It felt nice going to their house for a bit after a long day of work to just be with family again.

I have to admit, when my friend asked me to come over to her house to meet her family, I really wanted to say no. I didn't want to because after a long day of working and being on my feet, I just wanted to go home and just put my feet up, but she has been so nice and giving me and she talks about her family all the time, that I thought that it wouldn't hurt to go over.

When I got there, her family was there and I got to meet them and they are just as nice as her. They had waited for me to have dinner and we all had a late dinner...it was good to eat a nice home cooked dinner with a family that treated me like family. The conversation flowed and I never felt out of place.

Well now I am home late and I just want to take a shower and go to sleep, but I wanted to answer the 3rd day question of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #3: What color are you grateful for?

Wow, how am I suppose to answer that question?! I am so grateful for ALL colors! But my favorite color is pink. All shades of pink. I tend to want stuff that are pink...and so if there is one color that I'm grateful for, that is pink.

Have you ever witnessed a sunset or sunrise and the way that the sunlight hits the clouds and explodes in the sky is all the shades of pinks (venturing into purples, blues, and a bit of oranges)...it's so gorgeous. There are times where I would lay on my rooftop and look up and just enjoy the clouds floating by that are all shades of my favorite color. Whenever I am processing flowers and I see that the majority of the flowers are all kinds of pink, it makes my heart smile...I don't know why pink attracts me so much, but ever since I was little it was like that. I love the color and I am so grateful that it exists.