Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mochi Waffles.

I love mochi. I love waffles. So, naturally, since Mrs. A gifted me a brand new waffle maker yesterday, I decided to make myself some mochi waffles. Oh goodness, I sooo love waffles! I love breakfast food actually. I can eat breakfast food all day long! :)

I remember seeing this video about making mochi waffles on facebook, and so I decided to look it up again and use it in my first making of mochi waffles.

I have been wanting to try this for some time already and so was so excited to try this out! I did everything that it said to do, but I didn't put it back in the microwave for the extra 30 seconds, I didn't think that it was needed and it was SUPER sticky already. And I have to admit that although I really really wanted to have it with ice cream and whip cream, I just used syrup and butter. :)


So, this was how my first one turned out. I like my waffles more crunchy, and it said that it will also cook itself and be more crunchy after you take it out, but I realized that it wasn't crunchy enough for me, so I left it in the waffle for a minute longer and it turned out perfect!

So, using this batch I was able to make 4 good sized waffles.

The one on the bottom left was the perfect one for me. So as you can see I experimented with the length of time that I kept the waffle in the maker. I did keep it on medium heat though and left it on for 8 minutes. And yes, it was sooo good! And dare I say it, but it didn't need the butter and barely any syrup it was super sweet enough and it reminded me of the Filipino dessert karioka, which I made here (minus the coconut though!) But it was so ono! If...or more like WHEN I make these again, I think that I would use a different recipe though. It was really sweet and sticky and hard to eat with a fork since it kept sticking. And I saw other recipes using 1/2 sweet rice flour and 1/2 regular white flour, so I might try that one. But in all seriousness, you need to try this, it's sooo good! And maybe next time I will use the ice cream and whip cream AND raspberries! :)

Day 14 of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #14: What sight are you grateful for today?

Well, I woke up early this morning, and so I ran/jogged/walked the Lanikai loop and stopped and stayed at the beach afterwards and this was like at 5:30 in the morning...and I was able to see the sunrise. So I would have to say I am grateful for the sunrise at the beach is the sight that I am grateful for for today. I hope that I never take for granted that I am able to witness such a beautiful sight. I love the ocean...and at that time there is next to no one there, and it's so calm but not quiet. It's nature quiet. I hope one day you will know what that means. The birds were just waking up so they were calling to each other, the ocean waves were kissing the shore, and the morning calm stillness was surrounding me as I watched the sky grow lighter and lighter as the sun rose. It wasn't as pink as I've seen it before..but it was just as beautiful. And I am so grateful for being able to see that today.