Sunday, April 17, 2016

Missing them.

I got to talk to my parents earlier today. It was the first time in more than two months that I was able to talk to them. My sister had heard from them a few weeks ago, but this was the longest that I've been without hearing the voice of my parents and I miss them so much. I do try very hard not to be worried for them because I know that God is taking care of them but I know that I slip and I still worry about them and how they are doing.

For 12 minutes and 9 seconds I was able to speak to my parents, and it was difficult. For more than half that time I could barely understand them or make out what they were saying. I could make out that they could hear me just fine and so even though I so desperately wanted to just keep saying "I can't hear you! You're breaking up! What?!" since I knew that they could hear me, I told them that  I was having a hard time hearing them and then I talked about all the news that I could think of to tell them. I remember being away from home I longed to hear any news, no matter how minute and unimportant they thought it was...anything was better than nothing and so I talked about just anything that I could think of. I'm good at that. Talking. I talked to them about their grandchildren, how DollGirl was doing so well in school and how KaiBoy was walking so well now and he is SOOO funny. I told her how both of them got along so well and that DollGirl is overprotective of her brother. I told them how we spent my sister's birthday and how much we missed them. And how much we loved them. And how we are praying for them and looking forward to the day that we can see them again. I told them about the confusing weather we were having and that I got new fish for my aquarium at home and at school. Every so often, I would stop to listen to them and I could hear my mom tell me to keep talking and how much she missed my voice. And I really wanted to stop talking and just listen to her voice, but I knew just how much she and my daddy missed so I talked. I called my sister on my phone (I was talking to my parents on skype on my iPad) and asked them where they were and to quickly come to my house or to my brother's house if they were in the Kailua area...they were trying to call my sister, but they couldn't get a hold of her.

It makes me sad to hear the longing in my parents voice...They really wanted to talk to my sister for her birthday, but they couldn't...but oh, they wanted too...and I wish that they were here. So badly I wish that they were here.

I was able to get from them that for some reason at 11am our (Hawai'ian) time, they had one bar on their cell phones for almost 30 minutes...on some days, but was uncertain on what days they would have it...but they have notice that for that short amount of time, for some reason, they are able to contact us...and so they try. And I do get random messages on FB or on skype to please call them, but when I do, by that time the signal is gone. But I am glad that, at least, I know that communication is possible, not stable, but possible.

I miss them. I miss them so much.

They did buy land in Mindanao, and even though I have been to the Philippines, I have not yet been to that part of the islands...and I actually have no idea how to get there! But one day, I will go there...and I will see where they live. I will figure out how to get to that part of the Philippines and I will see them. They are happy, though, and that is all that I ask for.

I just miss them so much, though. So very much.

Day 15 of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #15: What season are you grateful for?

Fall use to be my favorite season, however since moving here to O'ahu, I would have to say that I love spring. It's not too hot and it's not to cold. I am not liking this crazy weather...but it's beautiful. The whales are passing by and there isn't too much tourism going on. Summer's are pretty amazing too, but for right now the season I am grateful for is the season of Spring.