Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happy Birthday, Ate Ko.

I love how Facebook sometimes posts up on your newsfeed some of the memories that you posted in the years past, and here is the one that showed up on my feed from two years ago.

This picture collage of my sister that I made two years ago made with pictures of us throughout our lives makes me smile. I don't see how people think that we are identical twins. She is obviously way more beautiful than I am. :) I love her and I am so glad for her.

"Ate Faith, I love you to the moon and back....and then to the door, to the swings...and then to the rubbish can! :) I love you, I love you, I love you. Happy birthday."

Day 7 of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #7: What memory are you grateful for?

Oh goodness! Of course, on this day, the memories that I have with my sister! I promise, I don't look at the questions until I  get to the end of my post! But yesterday and today seem like it read my!

Well, let me tell you about some of the memories that I have with my sister using this collage. The first picture on the top left, I don't really remember that time when that picture was taken. But I do remember my sister always going into my parents room and jumping on their bed just laughing and singing. I wonder if this was one of those times that were caught on camera as we were resting from our latest jumping on the bed moment. :)

The top right picture is when I visited my sister when she living in So Cal when she got back from her honeymoon. I told her that I didn't want to go stay with her since she just got married, but she bought me a ticket anyways and told me that she wanted me stay with her for at least a week. I was going to school in the Philippines at the time and I had come her for her wedding. I arrived there the night before their wedding day, and my sister told me that this was her time...and she was NOT going to let me leave back to the Philippines when she only got to see me for one this was a picture of that time. :)

The bottom left was a picture taken on her birthday in the year, I believe 2005, when I was home for a bit before going back to the Philippines again. She had come up to Nor Cal to be with family for her birthday, and my brother had taken this candid shot of us in front of our parents house.

The bottom middle picture is of my sister and I in our childhood home back yard. My mom had made our outfits and....gosh look at our hair! :)

The last picture on the bottom right was when my sister was going to a different school from I was and I was so homesick, since it was my first time being in a boarding school and away from home. So she drove all the way to me (our school was her school rival!) and picked me up to bring me to the music fest in Santa Cruz.

That is my sister...always thinking of me and always there for me. I love her...and I cherish all the happy memories that we have together. I hope to make more as the days go by.