Friday, April 8, 2016

Family Beach Time.

For my sister's birthday (which is tomorrow) her amazing husband (the best brother-in-law EVER!) put together a fun beach outing with a lot of my sister's friends and family starting at 5pm. The only problem was, I don't get finish with work (my second job) until around 5:30pm...and I had to back track to pick up my sister-in-law, which I didn't mind since she was without a car and she would definitely do the same for me, and she has. And since the beach that he wanted to go to was in town (Honolulu), it was going to take about 20-30 minutes to get there...oh wait, there was also traffic going there (much less getting out of Lanikai, which is where I had to backtrack to) it was going to take a little bit I was bummed that I wasn't able to make it there for the initial "Surprise, Faith, Happy (early) Birthday!" But that was okay, because my sister understood and it was as usual, a perfect day for the beach with family. :)

Magic Island was where it all Ala Moana...and for a long time that was my favorite beach. I'm not really sure why, but in my defense, when I first visited O'ahu in the year, I believe, 1999 this was the main beach that we went to. And it was the beach that I had my first BBQ birthday for my 16th birthday with my family and my best friend's family (we came with them here because they have family here and we stayed with them.) And it really is a beautiful beach with a lot of shore and one of the stillest waters ever. I use to swim far out over here with my brother every Sunday morning and it's a perfect place to bring family/friend's visitors since it's a really nice family friendly beach. The sun sets here are spectacular and so amazingly gorgeous. You can float in the waters and watch it, you can sit right at the shore line (where there is no worry that a wave will hit you because the waters are that still!), or you can just plop yourself down on a beach chair facing the water and just enjoy the breath-taking view.



Pictures do no justice whatsoever to the sunset last night. My phone's quality isn't the best either...but if you ever get the chance to see it in person, you should. It's so beautiful...and there are no two sunsets alike.

When the sun goes down on Friday, and when it is dark enough, stay where you are because in a few minutes the Hilton Hawaiian Hotel will have a firework show. Every Friday this happens and you can see it from where you are. Well, you might to turn around, but that's this beach the fireworks are towards the side...but it's still there.

It was a fun time with friends and family celebrating the birth of my sister. I love her and I'm so glad I can call her MY sister. :)

Day 6 of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #6: What in nature are you grateful for?

Wow, what a fitting question this day when I was just at the beach! I can say so much...but really it's this. I am so glad that with nature it can prove to me that there is a God. At least this is proof for me. Some people may scoff at the idea, but for me, I just look to nature and I see proof.

There are no two sunsets that are alike. There are no two snowflakes that look the same. The perfect distance the earth is from the sun so that we can survive. Gravity so that we can stay on the only planet that we can survive on. The millions of animal life...all plant life, so much that we have not yet discovered all of them.

The topic for my preschool this month is space...and I was trying to explain to my little 2-3 year olds how tiny we really are compared to the universe and all the galaxies that exist. We are tinier than the smallest piece of dirt...we are just a mare speck of nothingness compared so space. And as I was trying to explain to them this concept, I can see that they have no idea what I am talking about. The idea is to complex and abstract. This age can only grasp concrete things, but that's okay...but it's fun to talk to them about it just to see their faces trying to grasp the concept. And as I was talking to them about it, it hit me again how amazing and blessed that we have a God who, even though we live in this extremely TINY planet, still cares for us. So yes, I am so glad that in and with nature, for me, it all points to a God that created it all