Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birthday Celebrations.

Today was an amazing day. I had a lot of fun spending time with my sisters. The older that I have gotten, the more that I realize that there are certain people in your life that will stay in your life-active and there for you no matter what. I have been blessed to be have a few of those people in my life. Today, I got to spend time celebrating my sister's birthday with two other people that mean a lot to me, my sister-in-law and a family friend who I admire so much and am so blessed to have in my life.

Our day started nice and early with my little Doll Girl coming to wake me up. I slept over my sister's house last night since I was there to watch my niece and nephew last night so that my bro-in-law could take my sister out for her birthday dinner. (I totally recommend that no matter where you are at in your relationship with your other half, you should NEVER stop taking each out on dates!) I can 98% count on my little Gumball to wake me up each morning I sleep over at her house. When she was younger, she use to jump on me and want me to play with her right that she is older, she just comes into the room that I am sleeping in (I have strict instructions from the little one to not lock my door so that she can come in the morning! :)) and since I am a light sleeper, I always wake up to the door opening, but she will crawl on the bed and just cuddle up next to me, and she will whisper, "I'm not going to wake you up, Aunty, I am just going to lay down and wait for you to wake up." It cracks me up that she does this, but she really does, she will wait for me to wake up, and the second I open up my eyes, she'll give me my chapstick and ask to put some on me and I'll put some on her and then in her words "Can we explore the world now, Aunty?" *laughs* Gosh, I love that girl. Well, today, I knew that she was extra excited since she knew that we were going to be going whale watching on the Star of Honolulu with her other Aunties as part of our girls day celebration for her mom's birthday celebration.

I was pretty excited too. I love whale watching...well, the nearer I am to the ocean, the more relaxed I am...and being on the ocean is pretty spectacular. I was bummed because the first time we went whale watching earlier this year, we didn't get to see any whales, so I was excited to go today. And we did, we saw whales! They are so beautiful and just to awe-inspiriting to be around! There was a mother and her calf just playing in the water and we were just watching at a safe distance. By law, we are not allowed to get near the whales, but if they swim up to us, there is nothing that we could do, and we have to stop the boats propellers so that we wouldn't hurt the whales by accident...and they did get close enough that we had to stop the boat. The captain of the boat was so nice because since there wasn't that many people on the boat, he allowed us to be out on the water even longer than the 2 hours than we were suppose to have! I can't wait until next year to see the whales again. I have seen the whales from certain places on the island, and even though I have not seen any while on my beloved Lanikai beach, my landland has told me that she has since they have to pass us to get to where they want...but being out in the water is a different feeling. I like being out on the water no matter what...but when you see these magnificent creatures it's another story.

I have friends who surf, kayak, canoe, sup, and have had moments where these whales (and sharks and hono's (sea turtles), and other sea creatures) have surfaced near them, or have swam under them...and it's pretty scary, but amazing at the same time. There have also been times where I have been swimming out (ALWAYS with other experienced swimmers!), and I don't even question them when they tell me to swim a certain direction or even back to shore "fast'...but I love the ocean, and I hope to never fear it.

After our mini whale cruise, we went out and got Acai bowls at Lanikai juice and headed home to get all dressed up to go to tea! That is "our" thing. To go to high tea. It's fun and we could be there for hours just talking and talking for days and days! :) I chose not to take pictures to be there in the moment, but my sister-in-law was able to snap a few pictures. I am still waiting for the whale watching pictures...but she sent me some of tea time...

Here is a candid picture of my beautiful sister. All of us are always so busy with our crazy schedules, so just being able to go out to celebrate my sister's birthday is a treat to all of us.  We all have our favorite tea's and favorite tea sandwiches and goodies and it's always good to have friends and family that you feel comfortable with that you can keep a conversation going forever! :)


Tea at 1024 is our favorite tea place here on O'ahu. I have to say though that because our favorite person just recently left (she had been working there for years!), it wasn't as fun of an experience since it wasn't as personal and then they charged me for an extra person, and then when I told them, they gave me back how much that person would have cost...but I still paid tax and tip for it even if it was 5 people when only 4 of us was there. I had to give them the benefit of a doubt since the new girl was fairly new and really didn't know what she was doing...and so yeah, but over all, it was fun hanging out with my family...and I am so glad, lucky, and blessed to have such an amazing, talented, there for me, gifted, beautiful sister. :) I hope that she had fun. I know that I did. :)


Day 8 of 30 Days of Gratitude.

Day #8: What book are you most grateful for?

Oh my goodness! This is an extremely hard question! I love to read! It would be more easier if the question was "What author are you most grateful for?" I can answer that so easy...but just one book?! My goodness, uhm, let me take a moment and think....

Oh okay, after a few minutes of conflict I have chosen a book. It's not really a book, but yet, it is...and the book I am most grateful for would be my planner/journal book. DO NOT ask me which planner/jpurnal, because I can't tell you that one, it was hard enough to answer. *laughs*