Wednesday, February 10, 2016

To the ocean.

I love this quote. I got home late again today...but I didn't knock out when I got home this time. When I got out of my car, it was already 9:30PM...and it was dark. I am so blessed to be living where I am living, because no matter how dark it gets, all I have to do is look up and the stars are almost always shining super bright, and so that is what I did when I got home. I looked up and saw how amazing the stars were that I decided to walk to the beach to just sit there for a few minutes and relax

Working three jobs is nothing new to most people of this world...but I am still trying to time management after picking up this last job. I do know that it makes me so tired at the end of the day and as I am driving home from my last job of the day sometimes I it all worth it? Sometimes I get in those modes where I wonder what is the meaning of my all this work worth it all. And all I have to do is walk to the ocean to know my answer. Yes, it's all worth it.

There is something about the beach at night. Just me, nature, God, and my thoughts. I love watching nature documentaries on Netflix (which is constantly playing in my house since I hate the silence of living alone.)...and I tend to watch more ocean documentaries...and wow, the ocean is an amazing holds so many secrets, so much life, and so much mass. And where I live, I can see the Mokes in the distance and then forever after goes on and on...until it touches the sky and makes you look up to the stars! To bad I'm not good a photographer and my phone camera can not capture the amazing moment of the rising of the moon over the water...and the endless shine of the stars looking down at me. It's an awe-inspiriting moment when I can't help be thankful to God that he made all this for me.

I still get in those moments where I want to give up...but I don't. I don't because life is such an amazing thing and even though for a moment darkness seizes me, I push through because I have found somewhere that I can go to heal once again. The ocean.

Wouldn't it be amazing if I were a mermaid?! :)

Well, I just got back from processing another billion that smelled so amazing and were so beautiful that I can never get tired of flowers.

My work space all cleaned up after the processing of all the flowers that came in! (Don't you love my hydro flask?! Gotta keep hydrated...and my amazing friend and TA gave it to me...).

We had to make make-shift shelves in the studio for all the flowers that we processed!

 Every space possible was covered in the studio! We had to leave the table clear just so that we had room to design the next day! The white roses are called Escimo Roses...they are one of my favorite roses...they open so beautiful, and the smell like candy!

The walk-in freezer in the studio was also packed full of gorgeous flowers! Don't you love the white hydrangea arrangements?! They look like miniature balls of clouds! :)

The hallway directly outside the studio was also used in placing the flowers we had...


Even the hallway leading up to the extra studio beside our you can see, we had to make make-shift shelves here as well!


And the extra studio itself was also full of flowers! Flower heaven...smells so amazing and they look amazing! I am excited for all who ordered flowers for Valentine's Day and the two huge weddings that we will be having! It will be all so beautiful!


"The earth laughs in flowers." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson