Thursday, February 11, 2016

My sister.

I have the best sister ever. God blessed me with the best, most talented, amazing sister that I could ever dream of having. Oh okay, I have to admit that I didn't always feel that way, especially when we were younger. We fought. We fought a lot..and we rarely ever saw eye to eye on things...but now we still don't always see eye to eye on things, but we get along better. I remember long ago venting to a highschool teacher of mine that my sister infuriates me and I couldn't stand her! And he told me that in a couple years she would be my best friend. I didn't believe him. I told him out right that he was wrong and that I couldn't ever see my self ever calling my sister my friend, much less a best friend.

Oh boy, was I ever wrong.

My sister moved to Hawai'i. Guess where I moved to. Yep, Hawai'i...set aside the fact that I've always wanted to live in Hawai'i...but still. I followed her here because I couldn't imagine my life living so far away from my sister after being abroad for 5+ years. And I have never regretted it. Granted, I think that if we live together in the same house for an extended period of time, things will start flying...words, shoes, pots and pans even...but still, I love my sister. And yes, highschool teacher, she is my friend.

On Tuesday, when my sister picked up her daughter (my favorite lil DollGirl) from my school, she looked all fancy-fancy! Why?! Because she was being awesome and meeting up with wedding vendors to further her wedding business. Oh my! Did I forget to mention that my amazingly talented sister started her own business! Like her SECOND business?! She bakes, remember?! Her unbelievable, incredible baked goods are to DIE FOR! They are so ono! And if you are lucky to have tried one of her delectable mint chocolate chip cookies, or a slice of her exquisite cinnamon bread lathered in butter, then yes, in fact you have tasted a piece of heaven. You think I'm exaggerating?! Well, just got to try it for yourself!

Well, as I was sister started her second business of Wedding/Event Planning and Coordinating! She has actually been a Wedding Planner/Coordinator for several years already working in another business...and now she is ready to start her own. And she did. Last year, December 2015, she launched her own wedding site

I am so proud of's hard to start your own business! But she did it...and she is going strong! While she was working as a Wedding Planner for the other company (which we are still friends with the founder of the other company, but due to health issues, she had to close her business, but she does work with Passion Roots now!), she was able to create strong bonds with high-end wedding vendors...and they are all willing to help her, support her, and endorse her...! And that is BIG! Again, can I say, that I am SO proud of her! :)

Well, anyways, as I was saying, she came to pick her her daughter at the school last Tuesday and even though she was all dressed all nice from meeting with the vendors, she helped me clean the school so that I can get to Passion Roots faster...and she had a surprise waiting for me in my classroom refrigerator! So, one of the vendors that she met up with was a caterer...and my sister tried this amazing calamansi flavored  custard! Since I was such in a rush that day, I told myself that I would save it for the next day...but then the next day passed...and then today rolled up.

During nap time for my keikis...I was struggling to keep my eyes open! I was SOOO tired! It was such a loooong week and I still had to get through today AND tomorrow...and when I looked inside the refrigerator to see what I could eat to stay awake, that's when it hit me...I still needed to try this calamansi custard.

Nearly $4 dollars for this tiny little thing?! It must be ono tasting! Let me first say that calamansi isn't my most favorite flavor...I don't hate it, but it's just ehh...

But. Oh. My. Goodness.

It was worth every penny spent! It was so good! After I texted my sister saying thank you, I switched out that fork for a spoon so that I can get more per bite! :) Trust me, I was feeling awake after just one bite! It was so good. It was the perfect texture...and yes, I am a texture person...(I don't like several foods just because I don't like the texture, not the taste, but the texture!). It wasn't too sweet or was just in-between both kine flavors. It was so onolicious.

My sister likes doing things like that! She just randomly gets me something for the hell of it...not because she wants something in return, or because she wants me to "owe" her something later on, but because she knows that I will genuinely like it. Like I said in the beginning...I have the best sister. I love her. And I am loved by her. :)

So, if you are looking for someone to help you with your wedding and/or event...try look her up at: Trust me, she is worth every cent. :)