Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just go.

I got home and...knocked out. Dropped all my things on the floor, sat on my couch for what I thought was a 5 minute breather and ended up waking up at 5 hours later feeling sore all over and that didn't-brush-my-teeth-before-going-to-bed taste in my mouth. Blah. Ew. I hate waking up to that feeling. So I just took a shower and brushed my teeth and tried to go back to sleep for an hour and half since it was already 4:15 (I usually get up at 5:45AM to start my day. No I am not a morning person.) But I couldn't go back to sleep and so I decided to write.

It was a long day. Starting at 5:45 going...without stop...until 10:30PM...and I was tired. Exhausted really. And guess what?! The week isn't even close to over! Ahhhh! I should be tired right now...and I am, but my body just won't go to sleep.

And you know what?! It's cold. Like...Hawai'i cold. Like 59 degree's kind of cold...not fun. It's cold. I can't sleep in that! Oh well, I'm awake and so there.

I processed at Passion Roots today...and wow, there were a billion flowers! What did I expect?! It's the week leading up to Valentine's of course it's going to super crazy! On top of that we have two HUGE weddings this weekend. So not only are we processing for Valentine's Day, but we are processing for two HUGE weddings. And when I mean huge...I mean, HUGE!

There were flowers EVERYWHERE! And more flowers are going to come in today! Oh my goodness!


I mean, the flowers were all so beautiful...but there were hundreds of flowers! I'm not complaining though because flowers make me so happy. They are so beautiful! And they smell amazing...and not only that, but the people that I work with are AMAZING people, that even though we have to work late, it doesn't really matter because at least we have each other to keep each other wake and on task.


Check out the thorns on these babies! That stuff can do some damage, that's for sure! These are called Heart Roses, and they are going to be used for our Valentine retail arrangements and "Rocki's" Wedding. They are a very rich, deep red color...and that perfectly portrays what the world says is the official color of Valentines. Me?! I prefer pink. Or yellow billy balls. :)

My work station for the night when all work was pau. It was a long day and I was glad to go home and get some much needed things done for the next day. But of course, that didn't happen. But oh well, at least now I can do everything that I needed to do since I can't sleep, and even though I slept in a crappy position on my one person sofa chair, at least I got my sleep already.


This is the quote that is in my Passion Planner for this week. And I fully agree with it. Once time has passed, it is gone and you can not get it back and that is a scary thought. Whether you did something or not, that moment in time is gone and you're not going to live forever. I want to travel. I want to just travel every where...and that is what I want to do with my time. And I promise that when I was doodling in my "Space of Infinite Possibility" section of my Passion Planner I was just doodling and not thinking about what I was doing...and that is what happens when I doodle...I do so thinking of something else and this is what I did...

Just go, it says. And I want to. I want to just go and go and go...and just travel any where....every where...just experience the life of traveling. But one thing holds me back...and something I don't regret either. And that would be my keikis. I can't leave my keikis. I love my kids and I love being there with my little preschoolers and experiencing the world in their eyes and just watching their face when they learn something new...that wonder of life comprehension of what they can grasp is an amazing thing to experience. I love it. I know that if I were to travel all the time like I would love to, I would miss out on experiences with my lil keikis. And that's what holds me back, really...well, that and money and...and I don't want to "go" alone. But one day, I'll find someone who will love to least somewhere new once a year would be amazing for me...and it will happen.

Just go. Okay.