Friday, August 14, 2015

Preschool Project.

Like I mention in a previous post, my preschool classroom is an on-going, never ending "project" full of mini-projects. Actually, I never said that in a previous post, but I said something like that...not those words exactly. *laughs* But it really is. I have so many projects that I am doing in my classroom to get it to be where I want it to be. I just keep doing this that help me stay organized and make my classroom look better. Maybe in a couple of years it will be how I want it to be...but for now, I keep adding things it. Yesterday actually I finished one of the many things that I wanted to do.

When I started school, I had asked our school maintenance guy to please put up the wire he had taken down from my classroom when he painted it and so he did. The only problem is that he put a thicker cable in and it was higher than what I wanted so I couldn't really reach is comfortable without feeling strained...and when I could reach was just barely and then the clothes pins that I used to hang the kids artwork wouldn't fit! So I thought of this solution.

Well, last school year, it was still REALLY high, so I had used pipe cleaners as hooks that would help me hang up the children's artwork...this year, I still used pipe cleaners..but I also did something like this...

 I cut construction paper in half length-wise and then laminated it to make it more sturdy and glossy like. Mainly so that it was sturdy. At first I was just going to do all one color...but then to add color into my classroom, I did ALL colors...well, the main colors at least. :) After I laminated the paper, I used Elmer's Glue to write out each child's name one at a time and then (literally) dumped a lot of glitter on their name (written in glue).

I made sure that I had another paper under so that when I shook off the excess glitter I could easily slide the glitter back into the bottle. I have to wires that span my classroom. The front wire I made names for my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class. And the back wire, I made names for my Tuesday and Thursday class. (I have two keiki that come on both days; I did make two for them on each wire.) I let that dry over night.

Then the next day, I glued (and put masking tape just for good measure!) two clothes pins to the back of each name on the bottom and hole punched two holes on the top. I, then, made hooks from pipe cleaners and hooked it in to the hole and made another hook so that I can hook in onto the wire!

So that is what it looks like when they are all hung up! :)

I was able to use them right away, and it was SO much easier to hang up their work! It was at the right height for me to reach it and it was easy to pin the work up. I were to improve on this, I would also right their names on the back since I am using them forward and backwards as well. :) But the keikis love looking up to see their work...

Here is the back. :) I think in the coming weeks I am also going to hang hooks and clothes pins between each name to be able to hang more work. I love making different kinds of mobiles with my kids and so that would be the perfect place to hang them. :)