Sunday, August 9, 2015

Making Over Cradle Roll.

My amazing sister, who has a huge heart, has decided to take on the Cradle Roll room at Kailua SDA Church. She has suckered me into helping as well. But I'm just the accompanist. That's okay though because I'm most comfortable around kids...and since Cradle Roll is 0-3 years old...this is right up my alley. I will say that I do not give her "advise" unless she asks for it though since technically this is her classroom...I won't tell her how to teach it. I think that she is doing an amazing job at it to. It takes a different kind of heart and person to teach. No matter the age group.

Well, when her and her husband took over the church told her that she could remake the room over again. I wish that I took before pictures...because wow, you a coat of paint makes a HUGE difference in the room! The color use to be all tannish color...a VERY neutral color. There is very bad lighting in the room so it made the room look really dark and not very welcoming. So during work-bee today, we got together and painted the room a light blue and Kuya Neal and I painting on the starting layer of the grass...and I think that it looks A-MA-ZING! And like always, painting was VERY therapeutic.

I had already had a very long week...and I seriously went from one job to the other to going to the church to help at the work bee and support Mandy since it was her school that we were working for. I really didn't want to go because I just wanted to sleep, but when my sister told me that my parents were going to be there, I decided to come. But, my mom came down with a very bad cough and couldn't go...but my daddy was there. I don't even want to THINK about how hard this next week is going to be knowing that it will be my parents last week here with us until they go back to the Philippines to be missionaries.

But when I got there, Neal, Uncle and my dad were painting the room blue already (I was doing with Passion Roots job at 2:pm and the work bee started at 1:pm) and so I grabbed a brush and helped. I had fun. :) The paint dried REALLY quick and my sister had to go home and feed the Neal and I were able to paint the grass.

I liked how Neal got TWO different greens for the grass so that it wouldn't have to be just one green color. He said that it was for the accent color. :) So, first Neal rolled a thick paint strip of green on the bottom and then my sister and I experimented with how we wanted the grass and then she went home. Neal finished her green color...and I started doing the mint-green color and I LOVE how it turned out!

I think that it looks sister wants to paint a rainbow and a tree and add clouds...and I think that would look so nice! :) Someone is also going to donate new furniture for the room as well...and I think that my sister is going to do well for this room. I know it. She said that she wanted to take on this room because she has seen an increase of new parents coming in...and she wants to be able to connect to them as well and create a place where they can feel comfortable and meet other parents and talk about how parenthood and something like that. She also said that she likes this age...and I know what she means. I like this age to. :)

I'll post more pictures up as we add more to the room. I'm excited for this room. I know that I loved doing my classroom and designing it and creating it...and so I know the excited feeling my sister is that is good. :)