Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Birthday DollGirl!

Today is bittersweet for me. It's my lil' DollGirl's birthday...but today I will be going to my sister's house and staying there until Wednesday. My parent's leaving date is coming closer and closer...and I am dreading it more and more. I hate it.

I am trying very hard to find the good in this whole situation of my parents leaving me and I am trying to put it in the back burner...because I want to feel 100% happy since it is my DollGirl's birthday. In school today, one of my lil keiki's noticed how sad I was and look what they gave me... first I was like "what is this?!" And then they said that they searched the whole playground to find the prettiest leaves! And that is hard to do! There are leaves EVERYWHERE in the playground...and the picture does not do these leaves justice because they are actually a very vibrant, bright yellow! And I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!

Kids are like that. And that is why I LOVE working with them...they have such pure hearts at the age that I have them...and if you take time to pause in you life and just try to understand them, they can be the best people you can possibly be around. My lil' 2-early 3 year olds. I love them. I did keep these leaves and I am going to try to press them and make them into bookmarks of something. It was super sweet of my Keiki.

For my lil' DollGirl's birthday we went to the beach and had picnic food! DollGirl LOVES the water and so it was only fair to take her somewhere where she would love being...and my parents wanted to go to the beach as well...and so since they stayed for her, they helped prepare the food for her little birthday bash that was family. Tracy and Kaleo are family and so they came to. They invited their friends along as well and DollGirl LOVED playing with the girls. :)

I can't believe this little cutie is already 3 years old! She is such a big girl! I can't believe that she is one of my lil keiki at the school...she is my heart and I love her so much! I wish I took more pictures to remember this amazing moment of my DollGirl, but I was too busy have fun in the water with her to take pictures. :)

She didn't even want to get out of the water to eat food! But she did and the food was yummy. It was a simple meal of haystacks...but you can NEVER go wrong with haystacks! :)

This little bundle (who is not so little anymore!) can live off of chips! She loves haystacks was the way to go...she can eat healthy while eating chips. :)

This little bugger is also growing so fast! I can't believe how big he has gotten! He is sooo active, I can't wait until he can go into the water! I hope he will love it as much as his waterbug sister! This one is a lot more active than his sister was at this hopefully he will take to the water as he does with everything else!

I am going to miss moments like this. My daddy adores his baby grandbaby...and that is how it should be. My mom is super close to KaiBoy as well...I know that it will be hard for them when they leave.

But today was a good day. I know that DollGirl had a lot of fun and I know that she will remember her "Lola & Lolo" more than she did when they first left her at about 7 months old. I am glad that they were ago to see her age one year...they came here around the same time last year to be here for her 2nd birthday and now they are leaving a little bit after her 3rd birthday. I know that they had a good time here. I wish they would stay...but for because they are here. :)