Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First days of Preschool.

(Sorry, it's been a long while since I've updated. And I have a lot to update on...but later on, I'll do a quick catch up...but that time is not now. :))

To say that these past few weeks have been crazy is an understatement for sure. I do not even know where time went! I was planning all these post to put up: my 30th birthday, my brother's wedding, the redoing of my preschool classroom, Vacation Bible School, summer school, awesome weddings that we did...just a lot of things...and then I swear I blinked my eyes and it was WAY past those times already and I didn't even post up on those events! Oh mandope! Oh well, for my sake and looking back at memories on this blog, I'll post up a quick overview of what happen in the last 3 months but for now. Wow. First two days of preschool.

It's like I have "two" first day's of the first day of preschool. I only say this because my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class is different from my Tuesday and Thursday class. Save from one child who comes every day, I have different children those different times. So yesterday, it was officially my first day of 2015-2016 school year...but so was today in a different way. Different kids, you know.

I love the 2 year olds; I love teaching them. I have worked with all (preschool) ages...but I have found that I like the 2 year olds the best. I prefer them. I think the only drawback, for me, with this age is the first two weeks of school. We do not have an infant care in our school...so my class is the youngest class in my school. Meaning to say, I will always have new children/parents each year. I won't have any repeats from the year before because they will be already 3...so every year I have to start all over again. Which I really don't mind. I love meeting my new class. I love getting to know and watching these precious kids develop their five selves...what I don't like is the crying. For days. And days. And days.

Now, I am NOT complaining, because I know that it comes with the territory. It is always my goal to help and encourage the children to feel comfortable around me, my classroom, and the school schedule as soon as possible. And not only the children, but the parents. (Oh mandope, I can write a lot about the different parents that I have encountered, but that is at a different time...if ever.) But the crying...the loud, wailing, non-stop, crying comes with the snot. Lots and lots of snot. Ew.

I have 8 children at one time in my class. (We like to keep the ratio small.) And lucky for me, at the VERY last minute we were able to get an aid for my class. Which is a VERY big help! Potty training alone with that many children can be a nightmare. Not to say that I didn't do it before on my own...but it's a lot easier when I have another person there to help. (I love my aid, by the way...NOTHING like past aids in different school at all!) For both days, they all started great...then mommy left and daddy had to go to work. Then the floodgates opened and the choir of banshees started. And the frustrating part? It only takes ONE child to start EVERYONE going.

The majority of my parents told me that they know that their child will cry because they have never been without mommy or daddy; that they didn't really KNOW that they were going to start preschool and that mommy and daddy were going to LEAVE THEM. (Wait, what?!?) Or that, they are "my" baby and so s/he's never been without "me"...this is the first time ever. (Really?!) Here's my thought, you KNEW your child was going to start preschool so why didn't you PREP them!? Talk about what was going happening? Start doing errands while leaving your child at home with a baby sitter. Do SOMETHING  to let them know that a big change is going to happen. I can't say, personally, I know what it's like to leave a child (since I am not a parents YET!)...but I can say, personally, I've seen children heartbroken because they are cold turkey left with complete strangers not knowing if mommy and/or daddy is going to come back. Because I can tell them that mommy and daddy will be coming back until I am blue in the face...but they don't know me and so therefore, they do not trust anything that comes out of my mouth.

That beings said...

it was a very challenging first two days. I will say that the majority of my children cried and wailed and threw temper tantrums because they wanted mommy and daddy. However, I was prepared for this. I have to honestly say that I have NEVER had this many children have this much anxiety on the first day of school...but there is a first everything. And you know what, because I survived I know that it will only get better.

Even now...by the time the school day was over there were no more criers...as long as I didn't leave the room or stop talking. That was the thing...I had to be constantly talking or singing to them. So as long as they could see me and hear me they ended up being okay. So it was all dancing on the line for me the past two days. But that's okay...because that tells me that they are starting to trust me and that by the time two weeks is over with them getting a feel of the new place, of me, of their new classmates....the fun will definitely start! Right now, it's just being there for my keikis and earning their trust.

Not all of the cried...there was 2 (ishy 3) who did not cry. I am so thankful to them for doing their own thing and not let the loud, overwhelming cry of the others deter them from having fun. Because they did have fun. Those that didn't cry really bonded well together. I love watching new friendships start. It's funny...because without even realizing it, they are already sharing because they don't want to step on toes just yet...I know in the new few days, that's going to fly out the window and they are going to exercise  their favorite words of "mine" and "no"...but for now, not only did they try to test my boundries...they were testing each others. It's fun to watch. :)

On a side, but not so side note...guess who started preschool today?!?

My little DollGirl! I am so proud of her. She did not cry. :) But then again, she has an awesome Aunty...er...I mean, awesome PARENTS...:) who prepared her for today and she was excited. SUPER excited. And I'm super excited she started at my school...in my class...with me.