Thursday, August 13, 2015

Eventful day.

Well, not really was an eventful day...but not that eventful...just, lets just say that I'm glad that it's over...because I really was stressing over it for awhile. Today the two main things that happen was 1) we celebrated my DollGirl's school birthday. Even though her birthday is tomorrow, we did celebrate it today because since she only comes to school on Tuesday and Thursday, she won't be here for her actual birthday. And 2) Open House/Parent Night.

I'm not always so worried when we have Open House or Parent Night...just this time it was a lot different from how I would do it in my other schools that I've taught at. But I guess it was my fear of the unknown that made it worst than it really was. :)

For her birthday, DollGirl brought the class brownie bites. I made her a birthday crown and let her choose several toys from the birthday chestbox. I was so proud of her as she shared her brownies with everyone and everyone was so cute greeting her happy birthday.

She really does have a sweet soul and I hope that she never changes. I love how I get the children SO young...and my prayer for them is to remember the innocence that they possess now for when they grow older. It is very rare that I get a child at this age who has a bitter soul...and I love watching them grow and develop their character and personality. And, of course, my DollGirl is no exception. In this cruel world, I hope she retains her curiosity, her initiative, and her loving personality. I love this girl so much.

I actually just got home from open house...and I have to say that now that it's of the past, I can concentrate more on pressing matters in life...but I'm glad that it happened. It was only 1 hour long with about 1 more hour of getting to know and mingling with each other. I love how the parents were able to get to know each other since some of them won't get to see each other since their child comes opposite days from theirs. I was able to see several numbers exchanged so that play dates could be planned out...and I think that it's good place for parents to also find friends...and also for them to get to know me and explore the classroom.

So, I purposely made these welcome packet for them to take home so that they could get to know me and reminders and just articles that talks about children development the reason why we do what we do in the school. Our school concentrates on emotional/social behaviors and I really like that. I do do some academic things as well...but I like how we concentrate on developmental social behaviors, which I think is very important.

So, before I go and do the rest of the things that I have to do tonight, I wanted to show you the new cubbies that I got for my classroom! I LOVE THESE CUBBIES!!! I love how they have a slot on the top for the papers that I have to give to the parents. It's so convenient! So that is where I put the welcome packet for the that's pretty cool.

Well, I am glad that I survived Parent Night...and SO glad that DollGirl was able to celebrate her birthday at my school. :) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but as soon as school was over, I went hoem to take a shower before going back to school for Parent Night...and I got my GlamBag from ipsy! So I opened as soon as I returned from Parent I wanted to create it's own review post about that's what I'm going to do!