Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Distraction, please.

I need a lot of distraction...please. I don't normally ask or even want distractions in my life, there are enough already that I don't go looking for them; they are usually constantly right there, like SQUIRREL!!! :) In less than a week my parents will be returning to the mission field in the Philippines for who knows how long...I don't even know when I will be talking to them after they leave! I don't want them to go, but I am not going to beg them to stay. They already know that I want them to stay without me asking/telling/convincing them to stay. I am not going to go against what God is impressing them in their hearts to do.

That being said, I am trying to distract myself from this empty feeling in my heart. I am painting my nails right now...

...the first part is a shimmery blue/green color. I think that I'm going to do my nails in somewhat ocean-y theme...but for right now (tonight) I will leave it like this (still need to put a clear coat onto it!) I used two colors to get it this shade. The first color was from Avon.

The second color was the Color Club 3 polish that I got from one of subscription boxes that I have and I love this shiny, shimmery color to it! I have so much nailpolish that I sometimes forget the ones that I don't use as often but I like...and this one is one of those!

So, I know that it looks pretty plain...and I don't normally do just a one color type nail...but for now, it works. I need to let it dry a bit before I attempt to go to sleep. Yes, I move around a lot...but if I tell myself NOT to move for the first 30 mins, I'm okay nail-wise....So I have to wait for a bit....

Tomorrow, IF I have time I will add more design to my nails, but for now, this is it. :)

My classroom is getting we were learning about our "feeling/touch" sense and so we did bubble painting with bubble wrap. I just added the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and told the kids to mix it around on the bubble wrap and then when they were done we pressed a white sheet of paper on it and got a print of what they did. They LOVED doing that will be a project that we can do again in the future. I've done this project several times with former classes and they loved it as it is a loved project. I think they turned out pretty amazing to.

Since it will be Open House for the parents tomorrow, I'm glad that I have several art pieces that I can put up that the kids did. It's always a challenge when Open House is in the beginning of the school year. But it was good though because originally we were going to have Open House a week the 1st week of school...but it is good that we are having it tomorrow, during the 2nd week of that parents can get a feel of what is happening and then ask question from there.

Speaking of Open House, I have been trying to get my classroom ready for Open House...for the most part, it is was ready the first day of school, but that there are "projects" that I have been wanting to do in my room to make it "my" room and how I want it. One thing that I was able to do was....wait. First, let me say that it was decided that a refrigerator would be put in my room. I didn't want it in my room...but it had to be in my room and so I took full advantage of it...that being said this is what I had done. 

I like how it turned out. I plan on using this several different ways...since this was the first time, I used the "Question of the Week"....and then during Circle Time I asked the what they original question was, "What are your favorite things to see?" But I changed it to something more simple...and these were their answers! I like the little magnet people because in the future I can ask question like "Who went to the beach this weekend?" and they can place their little people on either "I did not" or "I did!" a chart bar chart or something, but with yes... I was able to get this up for Open House tomorrow.

Another thing that I have been working on was Binder Organization. I bought the 1.5" colored binders from Costco and I am going to use them for the organization of my curriculum units and the children's portfolios....I think that I've pretty good so far...but I have a lot more to do. Slowly I have been adding different activities/artwork in each binder....and I will always continue to do so...I also need to make cover pages and side titles for the binders...because right now it looks like this... it is getting there. :) I love an organized classroom. :) 

 Well, I think that my nails are dry enough to attempt to go to sleep least lay down. Goodnight!