Friday, August 7, 2015

A Work In Progress.

My classroom will forever be a work in progress. "Work in progress"...that is such a funny phrase...but it's the truth! I feel like even though I had last week to set up my classroom how I want it, I am constantly doing something to "fix it up" and I highly doubt that I will stop any time soon. For the most part...I really love my classroom. I was finally able to go through everything and put things where I want it to go and throw things away that I didn't want. It was hard starting at a new school when the school year had already started and then also switching classrooms in the middle of the school year. But I am glad I am where I am.  I can't think of anything that would make me leave my present job right now. I love my job. I love my boss. I love everything about my job.

I finally was able to take a few pictures of my [work-in-progress] classroom. I had to take some to show my family and I thought that I would use the same pictures on here...but pick and choose. :)

Before I share the pictures, I would like to say that even though my room is NOT what I had planned it out to be...I absolutely love it. I love how it turned out. Being flexible about things you can not change is part of being a teacher...and so with that being said, I present to you the first pictures of my classroom of 2015. :) (Wow! Dramatic a bit, are we?! :))

This the HUGE welcome sign that greets you as you walk into my room. My brother-in-law (AWESOME brother-in-law) just so happen to walk into my classroom since he was in the area and he was able to help me put up this sign...I was lugging a ladder around with me...he only had to stand on his tip-toes and reach and was able to do this is less then 2 minutes! *laughs* Glad he was around to help! But this is right above my parent board. I never had a parent board in my room when I came into this classroom...I made a small one when I started, but I knew that when I was able to redo my classroom,  I wanted to make a proper parent board...and I did.

One the opposite side of my Parent Board are my keikis' cubbies. On top of the cubbies, the parent sign in/out board is there...on the side of the cubbies is this....

 ...a bunch of cute owls with my kids names are it. They are velcro'ed on so the kids can check-in themselves! They find their name and then they place them...! I love this Owl Check-In! It teaches the kids to recognize their name and to make choices since they can choose which house they want to be in for the day. I'm still in the process of getting my keikis in a habit of doing this when they come in. And I keep telling them they can't move any owls for the house that they want! *laughs*

The color's of my bulletin boards are orange, purple, and green. I originally wanted blue and green, but we ran out of blue paper and so I made do. :) The boarders that I have are Chevron strips and Polka Dots. The Parent Board is glitter green though and my Owl Check-In house is different...but for the most part, it's Chevron Strips and Polka Dots.

 This year we were able to buy new furniture for our classroom. I think this was the first time that we were ever able to do that. We are doing like a whole school make-over! Which is good...a lot of our stuff was donated or we made them being able to buy furniture and toys that we wanted was good.

One of the things that I got for my classroom were these cubes.

 I put them in my home/dramatic center. I love them because each cube could be use in three different ways. So, they can either be a table or a chair (of two different sizes). The kids love them and they are perfect for my lil 2-3 year olds!

I also go this climbing structure.

 I love it! The kids love it! And I'm really glad that I got it! It's in the center of my room laid on a round 9 foot carpet. I know that at my age kids, they love to climb, so I was forever telling them NOT to climb on this, or on that...and so I decided to get them a climbing structure to climb on...and the do! So far they have followed all my rules and they LOVE it!

And I HAD to get this Reading Nook as my library. I love reading and I wanted to get this to create a more welcoming place to come and explore books. It really is comfortable in there! That is Mr. Chubs, Dori, and Mr. Stripes in there right now. :)

 The past 3 weeks have been really tough...and I am so glad that this first week is that my keikis are getting used to me, they aren't crying as much. So that means we can have more fun now doing all the different crafts and activities. :) I love this sign that my sister made (since her daughter started preschool last Tuesday!)...she allowed me to leave it in my class for other children to take a picture with. :)

Well, hopefully, I'll remember to keep you updated with the improvements that I have in my classroom. I am currently working a few projects that I'm excited to share...but for now...let the weekend begin! :)