Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unexpected Happenings.

Today was pretty unexpected, to say the least! Not a bad thing...sometimes it's good to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. I use to be like that. When I look back in my life, I realized that I was pretty spontaneous...and I need to learn how to do that again. Today was one of those days. Although, it wasn't SUPER spontaneous, it was unexpected.

I just got home. Well, I take that back. I just showered and so like about 30 minutes I just got home. I had my evening all planned out when I got a text that gave me a decision whether or not I wanted to continue my evening plans to deviate a little from what I had wanted to do. I decided to change plans. Let me [sort of] start from the beginning.

So, starting last week I have been having MAJOR car problems. Like my-car-stopping-and shutting-off-randomly kind of car problems. Because that was the case, I had asked my sister to lessen my work load at Passion Roots to a minimum unless I can get a ride out there. My point...if I did take a bus out there after my preschool work, it would talk a little bit more than 2 hours to get there because of all the traffic. If they really needed me, I would figure out ways to get there...tonight, I wasn't even on schedule, so I wasn't worried.

I do drive my car though, with a lot of prayer. I have made it a habit to text my sister whenever I drive with a simple, "I'm about to drive! Please pray!" I like that I can do that...coz I know that she will send up prayers for me. I usually just drive from my preschool job to home or to the long as it stays in Kailua...I'm usually okay...because I know that if my car does stop and I can't get it to start again, I can always just walk home if I can't get a hold of anyone at the moment.

When I got home, my sister calls me and asks me if I could meet her at the shopping center in Enchanted Lakes [still part of Kailua]. She has started to slowly start her baking business. And I couldn't be more proud of her! She calls her kitchen "The Lab" because she is just finalizing her different recipes and so she sells her baked goods at a discounted price. I know she will do GREAT in this...her goodies are known all over. :) So I had gotten orders for her from my preschool co-workers and so I went and picked up our orders.

Oh my goodness, the bread smelled AMAZING! As always. Since I was at the shopping center anyways, I decided to go grocery shopping, so I did. And picked up some groceries while I was at it.

I really like how my sister's bread, she makes them as healthy as she can, yet they stay really moist and so onolicious! So wish this Honey Oat Wheat bread, you can order it in several ways. You can get it just as a loaf OR in 12 "Largeish Dinner Rolls" OR 18 Smeedium Dinner Rolls." My favorite is if you get in a "Big Ol' Loaf" you can add a "cinnamony swirl" and oh my! That is my favorite! It is SO yummy!

My sister's extra tag for this special swirl of hers just cracks me up! She is so ON POINT!

This Rosemary Garlic bread though. Oh mandope! What can I say that doesn't sound like I'm making something up?! I don't even know...! Well, lets just say that I was planning on having lettuce wraps this evening...BUT I took one smell of this bread and I knew that I wanted it. So, I ended up cutting two slices from the middle of it...

...because I wanted two of the longer pieces of it...and then I toasted the two pieces in my little toaster oven.

And let me tell you! The smell of this bread while it was toasting was unbelievable! It smelled SO amazing! When it was done, I made myself a sandwich!

Since I'm trying to be a bit more healthier and more conscious about what I put in my body, I used Edamame Hummus as "mayo" and I put turkey and cheese on it...then I sat down and took a picture of it to send to my sister [just to let her know her bread was VERY much appreciated!]

However, as soon as I took the picture, I knew something was missing...and I knew right away what it I added:

some lettuce! Sorry for the blurry picture! As you can tell, I was in a rush to eat this yummy sandwich! And yummy it was! :)

Commercial Break! *laughs*

Please follow my sister on Instagram and Facebook! Spread the word as well! She loves baking for others and filling your belly with YUMMY YUMMY baked goods! Support her! Pray for her! And just encourage her...starting your own business isn't easy, but I know that she can do it!

Instagram: TheFlouredCounterLab
Facebook: The Floured Counter: Lab

And trust, I'll also be posting up her yummy goodies as they come my way. :)

*End of commercial break!* :)

Anyway, as I said in the beginning of this post, things don't always go as least my day didn't! As I took a bit of my heavenly just made sandwich, I get this text. Thinking that it was my sister responding to my text of my ingenious idea of using her amazing Rosemary Garlic bread as a sandwich, I check the text.

"We need you. I'm picking you up! Just two hours, I promise!" It was already like 9:PM and I was like WHAT!? I know that my Passion Roots boss would not text me AND offer to come and get me if they didn't need me, so I packed up the rest of my sandwich, packed half of my left over bread to share with my amazing Passion Roots co-workers and walked outside just as she pulled up into my driveway. And off we went.

She told me sort of what was going on at work and why they needed me. And so when I walk in I was too surprised to see these giant wooden hexagon shaped pieces with crosses in the middle chicken wired tight with flower oasis. Our bride wanted these HUGE (think at LEAST 5 1/2 feet across) chandeliers. Not one but THREE!

I wish I thought to take pictures of when we first started...but I didn't. Since it was already late, I wanted to work as fast as we could to get these finished. I have preschool work at 7:am tomorrow, but these lovely ladies had to be at The Modern at 6:45am! Plus they still needed to load all our work in the vans before being that was even earlier! Here is Evy adding some foliage to this chandelier.

So, these particular floral chandeliers were to be filled with various foliage and on site they were going to add Eskimo Roses...VERY few Eskimo Roses. This is the underside of the chandeliers...and I post up pictures as I get them of the actual site when these babies are up. I can't wait! I think that it's going to look AMAZING!

After we were done with these as much as could, we preloaded them into the vans and I went upstairs to the studio (we did these pieces downstairs because there was NO WAY were going to bring these pieces downstairs...they were at LEAST 80 pounds EACH! And it was late and we were all so tired already.) I helped Shihi with some of the bouquets of the other weddings that we were also having tomorrow...

The left bouquet goes with the chandelier wedding...and the other  bouquet on the right is going to another wedding. They are SO gorgeous!

I love roses! And peonies are just so gorgeous! Look what pretty gems I found in the refrigerator I saw that we are saving for the following wedding!

How can you not look at these and just be happy! They are SO gorgeous! A beautiful color and so beautiful to look at! Lucky bride! :)

But now that I am FINALLY home...I can now sleep! So goodnight, world!