Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My little corner.

Today marks the day where one month ago I moved into "my little corner" of this vast world. A place to call my own. A haven. A secret hide-a-way...well, it's that big of a secret...but I will say that if you don't know where to look, you will most definitely just past by it without even knowing that you missed it. 

Since my [former] housemate is planning to get married [to my BROTHER, no less!]...I had to quickly find another place to live. I have to admit that I was a bit stressed out trying to look for the right place. I knew that I wanted to stay in this area because I liked being close to work, I didn't want to live in "town", and I have grown to love this part of O'ahu. With the help of my sister and her husband [MY amazing brother-in-law!], I looked, inquired, and finally found the place where I felt like I could feel safe at. I haven't lived on my own for a couple years now...and I knew that the degree of my FEELING of safety would play a HUGE role in whether or not I liked the place.

As we all know, teachers don't make the highest or anywhere near the highest paying job...in short. We struggle. Especially if you are single with no second income. So, it's as good thing that I have two jobs. But I love my job, and I'm finding it hard to imagine anything taking me away from this amazing teaching job that I have. That being said, I just wish that they would pay us so that we can actually survive and have fun from time to time! *laughs* Well, no one said that I HAD to live here in Hawai'i and it's ridiculous high cost of living. But I have grown to love it here, so I really wanted to try and make it.

The windward side of O'ahu isn't the easiest place to find a home with the amount of money we make [as a teacher]...however, I was blessed to find this gem of a place. Well, my sister found the place, and when I went to go check it out, I knew that THIS was the place where I wanted to be.

My "little corner" is a tiny 245 sq. ft. studio located near the beautiful, beautiful beach of Lanikai. No, seriously, when I say "near" I mean NEAR. I-can-hear-the-ocean-waves-crashing-on-the-shore kind of near. I love it. At first I thought the "silence" of this place was going to bother me. I hate silence. But its not as silent as I thought! Between the waves crashing in the distance and the ever present trade winds brushing against the trees that surround me it is the perfect nature sound of relaxation. Oh, and guess what wakes me up in the morning! Birds singing. And the sun...I have plenty natural light and I can look out my window EVERY DAY and see the wonderful masterpieces that God creates in the sky. Like I said, I love it.

Originally, I was concerned about how tiny the place was! I have NEVER lived in a place that was SOO tiny! It didn't have a kitchen, but a refrigerator. And when you walk in my front door...let me just show you...come on in! :)

Yes, that is the bathroom! I didn't think that I would like the fact that you walk into the bathroom right when you step into my house! I still don't like it, but it's not as bad. I do love the fact that my sister was able to find a welcome mat that matched my shower curtain! :) Before I share with you the rest of my place...my place is still a work in progress. I am more on point in keeping everything clean! I hate when I see anything out of place...or if my floor is littered with my hair! *laughs* But I still need to decorate and add shelves and what not...but for the most part...I love how my "little corner" has turned out!

I like things nice and organized. And I have to say that I have The Best sister ever! I think she realized that I was overwhelmed with the move and trying to organize everything so she stepped in and while I was at work, she came to my "corner" and organized and fixed everything up! It was a mixed collaboration among my sister, brother-in-law, and I in creating my tiny space. I did research on tiny living and put my input and my sister did the finishing touch on the plans and with the help of my Bro-in-law, made it into a reality!

When you turn left from the front door into another door to enter in the main living place this is what you would see. Downsizing was VERY hard...but it was also very therapeutic since it was cleaning out everything that I knew that I didn't really need. The two things that I wish I could have taken with me was my punching bag and my piano. I was able to bring all my books though! And my fishtank. I actually had a longer fishtank and it worked it great because my friend was looking for a longer tank since she has a saltwater tank with an eel in it. My tank was a 30 gallon tank...this one is a 35 gallon tank...but I love how it was more vertical rather than horizontal. So, we switched tanks...and it worked out perfectly so that my armchair could fit there.

I was able to bring my TV with me...and I use it as my "radio"...and when I'm not, it's always playing music or sometihng. :) My mom made my curtains! I love them! My sister made me my mermaid signs and my brother-in-law made almost everything else you see in this picture. :)

I was so glad that my twin sized loft was able to fit in this little alcove. I all the loft my "bedroom." My brotherIL did make it fore me! And my sister had a surprise for me! She added glitter to the paint...more like a shimmer. I live shiny things and so I was SO glad that she added that! I even have my very own "dungeon"...basically what I call my storage rooms where ever I live [think Phantom of the Opera! *laughs*].

Here is a better view of the kitchenette that my BrotherIL made for me! I adore that magnetic strip for my knives and other stuff! And get this, my BrotherIL even made my counter tops with REAL granite that he cut and shaped himself! I love him! :)

Here's a better view of how that looks. I love how everything works together. My BrotherIL did an amazing job! :)

This is my little study corner. Where I am right now typing out this post. :)

This is the view outside my window. It faces the ocean...and I love it! That is the roof of the garage outside my window and I have take an towel and blanket and just laid down on there and just looked up. It's so relaxing to go cloud watching out there...and the stars. Oh wow! The stars are amazingly bright. What you can't see but on the right there is a pretty big front yard with a nice green lawn, mango trees, herb gardens, flower gardens, a water fountain, and open space where I take my towel to lay down and just read a book out in nature. Well, that's if I'm to lazy to walk down to the beach. *laughs*

Well, that is my little corner...a place where I have grown to love in the short time that I've been here. I hope I am able to stay here even longer. I still have to show you may mini patio/balcony that I am fixing up! :) I love my space. I feel safe here. And I feel closer to nature. I love it. :)