Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mini Girls Day Out.

And when I say "mini" I really mean, mini...*laughs* Basically it was last minute and I had originally agreed to go because my brother's fiance was going to pick up her wedding dress from the person who altered it. And then Amanda decided to invite our other friend Sera to come along as well. She is also getting married, but she will be having her wedding in Baltamore...but it will be like two weeks after my brothers. Her fiance is currently deployed though and won't be back [hopefully] until two weeks before the we are having fingers crossed on that whole thing.

Well, Amanda's dress appointment was at 7:30pm...and it takes about 30-45 minutes to get there so we were going to leave at 6:15 so that we can stop at our favorite cafe La Tour...oooooh! I love that place! I adore their macaroons! SUPER adore the macaroons! But when I got home from my preschool work, I noticed that WOW! My succulent leaves were starting to root and some where even growing leaves!

It was about time! Passion Roots had done a wedding about a month ago that involved succulent plants and we had to wire some of in order to wire them, we had to pull some of the leaves off. I took a lot of those leaves and just laid them out so that they can start to root. One type of garden that I want to start at my new place is a mini succulent garden. [I also want an orchid garden and herb garden! :) So instead of going out and spending money on buy succulent, I decided to try my had at propagating the leaves. So this is my first time.

The instructions given to me was to just leave the leaves out. Make sure that they are out in indirect light. If they are in direct sunlight, it will literally burn the roots dead...but in a shady place with natural light. That has my patio screaming all over it! *laughs* So, since I had some time to kill, I decided to relocate the little leaves into pots of their own.

But it doesn't even stop there! I guess I got a little pot happy. *LAUGHS!* NO! Not that kind of pot!

When I was done doing this, I went back inside to wash off and wash the things that I used. Then I came back outside and realized that I didn't like how there were SO many I decided to move EVERYTHING...well, most everything to one least for the time being.

And I was definitely much more happy. When they start really growing more, I might move them to their own places...but for now, this is good enough.

NOW when I was done with this, I was ready to get ready to meet my friends. I did lay down for a few minutes [30 minutes] and decided to get ready to meet my friends.

Before going to pick up Amanda's dress we were able to stop by La Tour...and you want to see the reason why I love this cafe?!

Macaroons!!!!!! Today I got Mango, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was bummed that my favorite Cinnamon Bun wasn't there! Oh mandope, that one is a yummy one! :)

Then I did get my Crispy Chicken Tenders.

*laughs* As you can see, I couldn't help but to eat my Strawberry Cheesecake macaroon! *laughs* But Sera said something that cracked me up! "I need to eat my macaroons now! [this was even before our main meal had come out and we were still wait!] Something might happen and I might die. And I would hate for these macaroons to go to waste." Oh mandope...the way she said it was too funny! :) And just letting you know, NOPE! I didn't eat the fries. I dislike potatoes!

But after we ate, we went next door to David's Bridal and Amanda tried on her dress and liked it. The we left for home. All the while we were laughing. Talking. And just relaxing from the chaos in our classrooms. Yes, we are all teachers. :)