Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long Weekends.

I love long weekends. They give you time to recharge from everyday life stress. Well, let me rephrase that. I love long weekends that hold no obligations, appointments, and/or stress! I had a VERY relaxing day spending time with my mom and dad [who came home mid-morning from his Men's Retreat] and my niece and nephew.

I am trying to spend as much time with my parents as I can...the day that they leave is coming closer and closer and my heart is getting heavier and heavier...I'm not the happiest person that they are leaving, but I'm not not going to selfish and ask them to stay for me. If God is calling them, who am I to ask them to stay.

I didn't take much pictures of today...but my niece did! As I was going through my phone deleting the pictures that she took that make no sense [a million of the floor, of the ceiling fan, her foot?!?], I saw one that was pretty good!

Whenever DollGirl comes over to my place, I let her pick the hat that I'll wear for the day whether or not it matches with my outfit. *laughs* She picked this hat for me yesterday. It's a good hat that matches with most of my outfits. :) But DollGirl had given my that flower to put in my hair, but I had set it down by my hat because she gave me a few flowers for my hair, and that one just didn't finished...I guess sometime today she took a picture of it...and even though it is a random's a pretty good picture!

I wonder what she will be when she grows up. She LOVES being outdoors. If she can, she would stay outside forever. She loves running. For no apparent reason, but just to run. She loves to plant every seed that she sees. She enjoys climbing trees, and swimming in the ocean. Shoots! This 2-year old babygirl swims out with me in the ocean and floats. And she has no fear when she does flips of the SUP board! That girl! Yep, that girl has my heart. :)

But she loves to take pictures! And she takes amazing pictures at that too! Yes, there are times where I think she doesn't realize that her finger is on the button to take pictures, because there are random pictures...that I have no idea what they are of! But then you get to a set of picture that you can tell were thought out. Hm...maybe she'll do something with pictures...ooohh! Maybe a National Geographic photographer! That would be amazeballs! :)

Well, I need to go to sleep now because we have decided to Hike the Aiea Loop for Memorial Day tomorrow...and I am NOT a hiker so I need all the energy I can muster up! *laughs*