Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lazy, relaxing day!

I honestly was NOT in the mood to go to church today, but my niece had asked me yesterday, so very kindly, mind you, if I could go to church with her. So, of course, I can't say no to my lil' DollGirl! It was good though. My parents usually go to the Fil-Am church, however there is a Men's Retreat in Waianae and so my dad went to that for the weekend. So, my mom ended up going to church with my sister, and I caught a ride with Amanda to go to church and we all met up in Kailua SDA Church. It was good to go to be in church again with my mom.

I found out a few days ago that my parents bit the bullet and bought a one-way ticket to the Philippines on August 18. Whenever I think about it I just want to cry all over again. I hate knowing that the date is coming closer and closer to when I have to be without my parents again. Here I am, an almost 30 year old woman crying for her mommy and daddy...but this time around, my heart isn't breaking for myself. My heart aches for my niece and nephew. DollGirl is my dad's personal shadow. Yeah, I can't write about it right now... I can feel myself tearing up. Change subject!

Well, after church, I ended up coming over to town to be here and spend time with my mom and my niece. I ADORE spending time with my niece...and I also equally adore spending time with my lil nephew! I can't believe that he is almost 4 months old! In four days he will be 4 months lil KaiBoy is growing SO fast!

He is such a happy baby! And he has the cutest laughing eyes ever! And he laughs...really laughs out loud when you tickle him! It's the cutest thing ever! These are a few pictures that I can't take credit for. My lil DollGirl took them! She loves taking pictures, that one! :)

I love how DollGirl is super protective of KaiBoy. She loves to cuddle with him and tell him stories and you should hear her when she hears him crying..."No need cry, baby, I'm here. Ate is here!" It is SO heart warming!

My brother and Amanda are here right now to. Right now, Neal, Jeremy, and Amanda are doing a 1000 piece puzzle. That is their thing...they love doing puzzles and they do them like its nothing. I can't sit still that long. This puzzle I gave to Amanda for Christmas...I gave Neal a 3000 piece puzzle...they gave up on that one in a few days! *laughs*

I was trying to wait for them to be tired of the puzzle, but it doesn't look like they are going to be finished anytime soon, so I will say goodnight and just get ready for bed now. :)