Monday, May 18, 2015

Classroom Talk.

During nap-time for my "darlings" today, my boss asked me to go through different school catalogs and make one wish list for each 5 classrooms in our school. She told me to never mind the price, but just make an estimated guess on the "wish" classroom if we were to start from scratch. I am SO proud of my keikis and their parents-current and former, causerie we have been doing so well with our fundraisers that we have a good amount tucked away ready to be used. So my boss and I have decided that we will work to beautify our school.

It warms my heart when I hear parents talk about our school with such positive words. It always gets back to me about how wonderful our teachers are! And I couldn't agree more! I am SO blessed to be working where I am I think that its extremely hard to find a place where EVERYONE gets along and EVERYONE is always willing to go the extra mile...and this is the first time where I've worked in a place where everyone genuinely LOVE what they do. It shows through their work, through the keikis, through their parents and it's such a pleasant place to work at. There is SO much respect here and I cna 100% honestly say that they can feel the benefits of us teachers who love their job and its a place where I really do feel taken care of.

That being said, one of the first things that I noticed about our school is that it looks a bit runned down. This is a very good school...and so I am excited to start this make-over for my school.We are trying to get the school board "on board" with this new change that we want. We are also trying to open another classroom for the older kids. So I was given the job to remake every classroom and write a wishlist for them all.

We are trying to have the new classroom ready for the coming up school year in we are really push it as much as we can. And I really am excited for all the change. I really feel blessed that I was able to land such an amazing job. :)

Before I end this post, I'll share a few snapshots that I have of my classroom. My classroom is always a work in progress. I like an organized room that is welcome. I also like color and my favorite "decor" for my room are the own artwork of the children. Yes, I love "showing off" the arts & crafts the children do. :)

The keiki themselves asked me if I can put the planets up. Oh, our subject for this month is the Solar System....and I love how interested they are in the vast amazingness that lays in the outskirts of our planet! But I have a book that shows the plants and different things you can find in the great Solar System. I don't usually do bulletin boards because I like to put the kids artwork up...but since they really wanted the planets up, I went to the store and bought this amazing bulletin set of the Solar System. My "darlings" love it...and they can name all the planets! I'm so proud of them!

Here are the suns that we made the other day. They loved this activity! I like keeping track of the art projects that we do that they like, that way I can make sure we do it more than once. My keikis are into color mixing at the moment. They say that its magic. :)

I like sitting on the ground with my keikis when I do my circle time. I have been in preschool classes where the teacher is on a chair, and that is fine. I tried it, but I didn't quite like it. My keikis LOVE doing the calender each day! They get a kick out of turning the number around...and like guessing what the design of the number is going to be. A few of them are starting to get that it's a pattern! *laughs*

This is one DIY thing that I did for myself...and I love how it turned out! So, when I started working at this job there was this old spice rack that nobody was using. The spices that were in each container barely smelled any longer to be with the spices and herbs that still had a slight smell to them, I used it for various artworks and activities, the rest I just tossed it. I then washed out the little bottles...laminated and super glued tops decorative tops on the caps and just placed miscellaneous things in the jars that I use. PomPom balls, googly eyes, sequins, mini star stickers, paperclips, staples, push pins,'s very useful. Very easy to make, very accessible when I need to grab something...and yes. I like it. :)