Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful Day!

Today was such a beautiful day...I woke up early because the birds were chirping and it was pretty bright in my room from all the natural light from the sun. I love that. I love waking up to the birds the sun shining in my room...and to the sound of the ocean greeting the shore. It instantly puts me in a good mood. :)

The other day I wasn't feeling so well. My keikis tend to come to school with the sniffles and what nots...and being me, I never turn a child away from a quick cuddle, I ended up getting the sniffles and whatnot. No, I think it was a little more serious than that. I lost my voice. That was not fun. But I have to say that I am so blessed to have an amazing family. My brother-in-law was in the neighborhood and he asked me if I wanted to come over...he had brought his truck. And sick or not, one of my favorite things to do here in Hawai'i is ride in the cab of the truck. The wind in my hair makes me feel as if I am flying...and cools me down from the beating sun. I love it. I hadn't had the opportunity to ride in the cab for awhile, so I did...and look at my view...

This is Kailua Beach...and it's one of my favorite beaches here on the island. The sand is so soft and although it can be choppy at times, for the most part I love the stillness of the water. I also think the water is more warmer here than in town! *laughs*...but that is just my opinion.

Well, I am sad to see this weekend go...but I am kind of glad it is over. It was pretty busy week, wedding-wise. We had several weddings to design for this week. Today we had 2 weddings...and so starting Saturday night I had been working on "wedding #1"...and quickly jumping in to help with "wedding #2" when they needed me. But my wedding that I had to concentrate on was wedding #1.

Weddings that have a base of hydrangeas make is SO easy!

I like hydrangeas...I have heard that you can start your own hydrangea bush from the stem...I should look that up...however, where I live would not be a good place plant hydrangeas anyways. They need a cool climate...and it's more sunny in the area where I live. So, in this picture I have started the base of 18 center pieces.

And then by layers we added the color! I enjoyed this wedding because I do love the bright weddings that we do. The ones that broke away from the traditional white-tone colors.

When we add the different sades of pink and coral (the groom wanted PURPLE in his wedding to represent the Lakers! Yeah, no...we talked him in to letting us have lavender instead!) the whole studio bursted into a room full of bright gorgeous flowers! And the smell smelled like flower candy! I loved it! It was a good thing that the wedding that we did were held on Aunty Michele's backyard which was just there outside our studio! And the family members of the bride and groom all pitched in to help!

It was a fun, gorgeous wedding full of happy, nice people, flowers, color, and  hardwork! But we did it! 

So congratulations to the happy couple, Jake and Lindsay! And yay for Passion Roots! We did it together! :)