Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday's Events.

I already know that I will be doing several blog posts on just was just that kind of day! *laughs* So many things happened today and I didn't want to just skim over some of the things that happened and I didn't want to just talk about one thing...I wanted to document my whole day because its as such an amazing day today! But I know that I'm super tired and so I will post tomorrow the details, and right now I just want to blog about a "jist" of what happened. It was a fun day. :)

My day started early because we had a field trip to the Kailua Fire Station!! It was so much fun and very informational! I was talking to my boss and I was telling her I do not even remember going to the fire station before...not ever...even when I was younger. I think they just always came to my school or something, so going to the fire station was just as exciting for me as it was to the kids! :)

After the fire station, we all came back to school and while the kids went to sleep, I decided to make sensory colored bottles for my kids! They are super into finding all colors at the randomest places and things ever! And I am always encouraging the kids to "color" their world with imagination...and it's so cute to hear them tell the other kids in the school. "You need to color the world with imagination." *laughs* It's cute. :) 

I had to rush home because I had a VERY important appointment later and I had to leave the house at 4:00pm...and I'm pau with work at 3:30pm...and that is IF all the parents come to pick their children on time and whether or not they want to do small talk. *laughs* But when I got home, I pulled up nearly the same time as my housemate...and we both squealed and laughed when we saw each other and rushed into the house to get ready for our "appointment." But before I ran into the house, I grabbed the mail, and this beautiful pink box was waiting for me!

It was hard to wait to open it. I knew that if I opened it right then and there, I knew that I would be rushing to get ready for our important "appointment" I had to set it aside to open for later. I actually still haven't opened's sitting behind me on the stool that I took a picture of it on. *laughs.* I will open it tomorrow and post my review about it then. :)

And now...for the very important appointment. Look where I went.

Can you guess?! Do you know where it is?! Mandy had an appointment at David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses! And yes, that was a very important appointment and I was to happy that she asked me to go with her! :) It was amazingly fun and I am so happy for her. I'm still smiling about everything! :)

Lastly, we went to La Tour Cafe for dinner and macaroons...oh my days! I love this place! :)

So much happened today that I don't want to forget...and I wish that this day could last was such a heartwarming day...and I loved it. :)

But for now, world, goodnight. :)