Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

Oh my days! I had such an amazing day! If I didn't have to work my wedding/event job this weekend...I would SO bring DollGirl over to the Waimanalo Pumpkin Patch. As it is, I have already ask my sister if I can bring her there when I am free in a few weeks. I would LOVE LOVE her to go there and experience the farm! It was amazing! It was fun! It was so memorable! I simply, absolutely, adore, loved this day!

So, we all met at the school at 7:00am and then we left around 8:30am. I like how with this school, we encourage the parents to come and spend time with their children, so a lot of the parents went and so we actually didn't have to do anything...but I did pick a few parents and families to hang out with and just spend time with. Since we encouraged the families to come a lot of the families are younger and so they had babies with them and so I helped those with babies...and I had a lot of fun. I am not going to compare the pumpkin patch to the mainland (which I heard a lot of parents doing) because you can not compare the two places...but I do have to say that a place and event has a lot to do with the people that go and the company you keep.

I wish that I took more pictures, but I was having to much fun with the kids to take out my phone to take a picture. Hopefully, I can grab some from the parents or something. I was glad that it was not as hot as I have heard that it could get. There was an overcast, so that was good...because I thought that it was hot, but then I heard that it was a lot cooler.

One surprise that I had was when I got there, my former preschool kiekis where there! I was with my kids and when I am surrounded by yellow shirts (the color shirts that my former school uses on field trips) and I hear "Aunty! Aunty! Aunty! I am here too! Aunty!" It was so amazing to see them! I saw Jackie and former parents of mine and I was so happy to see them and it felt so good to my heart to see my former keiki enjoying themselves and I'm so glad that I had a few moments with them to experience this amazing day with them.

Hopefully, I'l be able to get to take my DollGirl to take more pictures of the place. I heard that it was just a family, a Christian family that lives in Waimanalo that just takes the time to open up their farm to the community to enjoy for the fall season. They provide a lot of games, hayrides, a petting zoo, a cow train, corn maze, lemon trees...and just acres and acres of land to explore. A VERY nice and fun family. I had the opportunity to meet the farmer...and he is a VERY humble, amazing, wonderful person. His family is super nice and very hospitable...just a very, very nice family.

Right before we left, Karlie told me that I just HAD to try their fresh, extremely fresh lemonade with li hing powder..oh my, I have NOT had this amazing lemonade was pretty spectacular! And I am so glad that they sell it at the farmers market because it is an amazing cool drink to have! Definitely on my eternal craving list along with Chinese food, Thai Victory Monument noodles, and gummy bears.

It was an amazing day...I am so happy that I have this day in my memory. I loved it. :)