Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My first love: Music.

It was a pretty eventful day here in my lil town of Kailua. More specifically at my preschool. But I love it. I can know for sure that there will definitely never be a dull day working as a preschool teacher! Today the cops came to my school. No, no one was getting arrested! They came to talk to the children about safety and to talk about what it means to be a police officer!

The kids had a blast! The officer and chief that came were both very good with children and they were at ease with all the questions and curiosity that the children showed. They kids were able to sit in the car, hold some of the tools that were on the officers tool belt (of course NOT the gun!), and even go inside the car! The last thing was the siren. The kids absolutely loved that! I love how they came down to talk to the children; to show them that police officers are friends and that its okay to talk to them.

When I got home, I just wanted to start my evening in a relaxing state so I started playing the piano when I got to itching to buy some new music from here. That is a very handy site for getting specific music that you would want. I bought four different songs (two with the same name!). Well, just writing about it makes me want to play the piano ago! So for now, enjoy the music I have added! :) And I will go and relax and enjoy playing my keyboard! :)