Friday, October 10, 2014

Laid-back day.

I had a very easy, very laid-back day today. I only had 2 kids come in today...and so since Karlie was about to travel to the mainland for the long weekend...I told her that I would take her two-year olds. I miss having the two-year olds...and I hope that one day that I can teach them again. I love that age. I love them...and I really hope that I can have them again. The two older ones that I had in my class really stepped up to the plate and loved helping me "take care" of the babies. I love how the older ones have this innate behavior that I have observed that they have. Although they are young themselves...anyone who is younger than them, they take care of them. We had a lot of fun today. 

I had planned to have a really relaxing day. It is one of my goals to get the children to use their creativity side of their brain more so I wanted them to paint with their feet today...but with the little two-year olds (there were 6 of them) I didn't think that it would be very smart since I am the only one in my classroom...and so I let them paint on the ground...and their work turned out very cute. :)

I love watching how their artwork happens. I just love watching their faces and how they do things with confidence and they know EXACTLY what they are doing...and their artwork is really some amazing abstract work...there are some that I wouldn't mind framing and posting in my house! *laughs*

My dear friend Ashley came and surprise visited me today at work with her baby boy. We had lunch together. She is an amazing person and I love seeing her. I miss working with her and I hope that one day that I'll be able to work with her again. *fingers crossed*